Update January 2007, I have another one, just comment and ask.

Item looks like new, works like new, commercial KitchenAid quality.

Includes main unit, glass carafe, filter insert.
Pause and Serve Function allows you to interrupt the brewing cycle and pour a cup of coffee.
Non-stick warming plate
Heavy duty cord
Instructions for use are on the side of unit.
Auto shut off after 30 minutes

The convenience of a 4-cup brewer with the quality of KitchenAid

Uses standard 4 Cup Basket Coffee Filters or In-Room fiter pack

I will also include a sample of premium hotel In Room Coffee filter packs, regular and decaf

Item has been discontinued and is no longer available in stores.
Does not include original box
Guaranteed to work perfectly

plus actual shipping


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13 Responses

  1. Giving up coffee?

  2. No, I am selling an extra one :)

  3. Is this still available for sale? If it is…please email me. Thanks

  4. Please email me if it’s still available. I have one, my favorite 4-cup and the carafe broke.

  5. Do you still have this? I’d be interested

  6. Good morning….is it still available?

  7. do u have any cappinco machines.1 or 2 flavors

  8. Is this item still available?

  9. would love to purchase this asap.please reply as to its availability and how tooos.

  10. Is the 4 cup black kitchenaid coffeemaker available? what is the cost?

  11. Is the 4 cup Kitchenaid coffeemaker still available?

  12. My wife just broke the crafe to our 20 year old Kitchenaid coffee pot just like the one you have….is your coffe maker stlll available?

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