Getting into the space

After seeing that Scoble has moved to a blog I thought that it was time to start yet another blog. I know that there are blogs that I have not posted too in ages but they are all blogs and have theams and limits to them. Blogger is in stagnaton mode right now. Bligging is growing like crazy and Google is letting blogger kind of rot. It still has value and its own set of features and things that set it apart, but I want to know where to send newbies that are starting blogs.

I have grown and I dont feel like I want to be locked into a political blog or only tech or only podcasting.

This will be where I can be myself and not have to feel like I am pushing some agenda. I think that as I start to post the randomness I can feel like I can get practice writing. I want our Family blog to be our family, not cluttered with my political views or tech reviews. My wife has a homemaking blog, a pregnancy blog, I do podcasting, and have interests that go beyond where I have been.

So we will see where this goes :)


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