Who needs a blog?

Maybe I should start with the question “Who doesn’t need a blog?”

Do you enjoy reading blogs? What is it that you like about reading other peoples blogs?

People blog for many different reasons. The one that I would like to focus on here is having a place on the web to call your own. Odds are that you have an email address. It is nice to be able to send and receive email but as you know email has it’s limitations.

The new web, two way conversations, Web 2.0

The internet is no longer about reading what other people write, it’s about joining the conversation. So my question to you is, “How are you adding your voice?”

You dont have to be a writer, artist, philosopher or political junkie. Everyone has a voice, you just need to find out what yours is. How will you add? Will it be with a photo now and then? A word of encouragement? A link to something that your read and thought others might like.

So what is stopping you?


One thought on “Who needs a blog?

  1. One year and one day into my blogging experience, I am glad that I chose to add my voice to the Internet, but I needed some time to find my voice. A limiting belief that can stop many would-be bloggers is the idea that to be a good blogger, one needs to be like and write like some other writer, artist, philosopher or political junkie. After clearing that hurdle, I have learned to express my own opinions without trying to be like someone else.

    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll too; hopefully I won’t be the only person to comment here in the near future. :)

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