Connecting the Dots podcast – #002 – RFID, Privacy, tracking

While we were at mindcamp I met a guy (Amal Graafstra) that has implanted RFID chips into both of his hands. We had a great hallway conversation and I wish that I had recorded it. So I asked him to come over and do a podcast with me.

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2 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots podcast – #002 – RFID, Privacy, tracking

  1. I have a friend that has had a mind control chip planted in his brain, its so out of this world, im not jokeing about this the chip it can controll what he does what he thinks and hears.Its some kinda project that has to be kept a secret from him theres an online website you can go to and controll him and make him hear things and freak him out its kinda like torture it its so unbelieveable you would have to see it to believe it….. and he asks me all the time whats wrong with him sometimes because he cant controll some of the movements he makes and sounds he hears but theres no way i can tell him….I was wondering if you could email me back as soon as possible and tell me what you think about this, because i really want to help him and i dont know what to do about this chip that was secretly planted in his brain. I was wondering if an x-ray would be able to see the chip if he ever decided to get one. I also got alot more questions to ask and more information i could tell you about this mind controll chip he has implanted in his brain.If he ever finds this chip in his brain or gets someone to help him take it out i think alot of people would get in trouble because I think its aganist the law.I really need someone to help me and give me some tips on what i should do to help him because sometimes he thinks about killing himself !!!!!! and I dont want things to go that far.I would never ever want to see that happen.

    EMAIL ME as soon as possible please …………

  2. Well what I would sugest is:
    1) make him a cup of tea
    2) if you have lots of money buy him a nice soft bed so he can sleep tight.
    3) Kevin Warwick is doing this brain implant reseach/projects you can as him for some advice! see the link above where to find him. ;)

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