Mindcamp 3.0 Audio List

So Mindcamp 3.0 happened way back on November 11-12 and I really had a great time. It was the second time for me, and I am still processing it. So many ideas, conversations. I tried to get what I could and this time I will post it without further adieu. Here is the list of Audio and I will be posting the files in order as I tag and upload them.

MindCamp3-01-OpeningRemarks 56:19

MindCamp3-02-SLHallwayConversation 2:26
Politics and Second Life

MindCamp3-03-MindPerformanceHacks 35:15

MindCamp3-04-PhotographyHallwayConversation 7:32

MindCamp3-05-OnlineToolkit 48:12

Mindcamp3-06-BuzzBluedotHallwayConversation 10:37

Mindcamp3-07-MythsOfInnovation 54:07
Scott Berken

MindCamp3-08-SecondLife4Newbies 63:27

MindCamp3-09-IdeaStuff 41:33

MindCamp3-10-ClosingRemarks 23:33

ConnectingDots-StuckintrafficMindcamp 13:16

I will also need to do a wrap up post. I am posting the list of audio so that I have to get it uploaded.


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