Slowing down is nice

Riding a bike to and from work places me on the road at the same time that everyone else is driving to and from work. People that drive are typically in a hurry. I have to assume that every car might pull in front of me, cut me off or just plain run me down. I give them as much road as possible, staying to the far side of the shoulder as I can.

This week has been very cold, but clear and beautiful. I took a few pictures yesterday and today of the sunrise and fields. I have not needed my headlight, since I am leaving the house at 7:45am and getting home around 5:30pm. Winter is ending!


A new personal vehicle

While I have been commuting on my bicycle I have been thinking about what my ideal human powered personal transport vehicle would be like. It would incorporate features that I have seen all over but here is a list.

  • It would a recumbent trike
  • It would have a full enclosure, and be aerodynamic
  • It would have heads up display, that would show 360 degree view, represented with symbols, of all cars and distance from you.
  • Turn signals
  • a flywheel that would recharge the battery system and allow you to continue pedaling at full speed even as you come to a stop.
  • A power assist that would boost your speed when pulling onto a road or from a stop while in traffic
  • The electric assist would also have a clutch that would engage the flywheel as you matched the speed you are pedaling.

The goal is to have a bicycle that can drive in traffic as needed through town and not lose momentum through stoplights and be able to jump up in speed as needed. You would have a GPS unit that knows your route and can learn where hills and stoplights are and make sure that you have enough power to get you to your destination. You can also program in wether or not you will be able to charge at your destination. So if you are going to the store you can input that you will need to get there and back. You would schedule your charging time, and it would know that you need to reserve power. that way you can get home asap if you have a full charge.

Any thoughts? I would love any additions you could offer. I don’t see why this vehicle couldn’t come into fruition in the next 5 years.

24 Season 1 Disc 1

I may be late to the party but we are now hooked on 24. Last night we watched three episodes from season one. There are four episodes to a disc and we had it in our Netflix queue, and got passed over twice (short wait) which tells me I am not the only one starting from the beginning. This is a great target for the ShrinkDVD / VLC player hack. From what I have heard 24 discs from Netflix tend to be rather scratched and dirty. The upside to moving it over to your hard drive is that you can return the disc and have the next one in hand by the time you have watched all four episodes. That is if you can pace yourself, which we will need to do.

I really am liking the VLC Media player. the controls are way more intuitive than Windows Media Center.

Do what you can

In my head I have a super huge grand idea that can impact numerous lives and change the world as we know it. But of course I currently lack the skills time and money to make this project happen. So I have known that I need to start somewhere and just last week it hit me what I needed to do. Like any revolutionary idea these days it all starts with the domain name purchase. I finally decided on the TLD and ran it by multiple advisers, it passed and now I just need to buy it. But $15 bucks for the .org and .com is not in this check.

Well instead of building the killer app I will be setting up a blog and a wiki, to communicate and then to gather the relevant data. It really is not about me, its just what I would love to do. If someone gave me one million bucks I would quite my job and pursue this idea full time. So how do you bootstrap with no funds? I will let you know as I go.

It really is about how you make an idea come to life 20 minutes at a time. Life does not stop.

YouMail is a worthy addition to your cell phone.


YouMail is the bomb! I just heard about this service by listening to an interview with one of their top guys on Off the Hook. Those guys are old school hackers and they ask tough questions.

The service looks great and I can’t imagine why you would not want this. It’s free, you can have a different greeting for any number you choose, you can save a voicemail for life, you can have them delivered via email. You can listen to them via their website.

I signed on and was set up in 5 minutes. You can record a greeting and upload it to them. Very cool.

How I was brought up

I love this quote from Doug Wilson about tradition. It’s so funny because this is the church that I grew up in. You could predict everything that was going to happen just before it happened but it was never written down and was just the “leading of the Holy Spirit.”

Tradition is Contrary to Our Historic Practice

“The unthinking fundamentalist wants to reduce the whole problem to a very simple equation — ‘just stick to the Bible.’ His belief is that fooling around with traditions in the first place is what cause the problem. We may call this the ‘tradition as demon’ position. ‘We don’t believe in tradition. We have never believed in tradition. The founders of our denomination didn’t believe in tradition. We have always not followed tradition'” (Mother Kirk, p. 61).