Blogging everyday?

There is a group on flickr that you can join and take and post 365 self portraits in one year (Only one per day). I really don’t have the time to do something like that but it cool nonetheless. But can I blog everyday? I can try. Last year my friend Josh made a commitment to blog everyday for a year. His post explaining it was very convincing. Unfortunately his post and blog is not available to link to, but I think that 2007 would be a great year to blog something everyday. I don’t have to type 500 words, but I just need to post something. An audio post would even be enough, but the idea is that I would feel much better for doing it. Like pushups, it would not be easy to do everyday, but it would be simple. So who is with me? You don’t have to start on Jan 1st, just start. If you don’t have a blog I suggest signing up at, and tag your post with blog365, it will be a look into our daily lives, but might just give us that kick in the pants to drop and do twenty.

The standard,

  1. Only one blog entry a day with the tag, Blog365
  2. The post has to reveal something about yourself that day, i.e. a thought you are thinking, a topic that is on you mind, a picture, anything basically :)
  3. Have fun, it’s not supposed to be a chore, if it is figure out how to make it simple.

At the end of the year I might have missed some days but overall I think it will be an amazing experience.


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