Today I got beat

I had every intention of riding my bike to work this morning, in spite of the howling wind and driving rain and complete darkness. I set out ready to conquer only to be handed my hat. It was hard going the first mile, the wind was blowing not only rain, but dirt from the field. It was difficult to ride in a straight line. But I came to the turn and the 1 mile point and had to try and ride into the wind. I didn’t even have time to try and shift gears, I was standing still. So I turned around and rode with the wind long enough to get into the lowest hill climbing gear but it was no use. So I get off the bike and tried to walk. I still could not see and decided that I would be very late if I attempted to “win” this one. So I rode home (a very easy thing to do with the wind at my back) and drove to work. Once I got to work I checked the current weather, wind was 19mph with gusts of 38mph. From now on I am checking out the facts before I rush off to be the Super Commuter.


One thought on “Today I got beat

  1. Yeah I was a little worried about you this morning when you left and I could hear the wind smashing against the house. I’m just glad you were safe and that you made it back in time to get to work on time! :)

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