Had a good ride today and tried out my new bike light. It rained good all the way to work, and I discovered that I need to bring extra shoes and socks. My rain gear worked great. The 8mph wind felt calm. I also need to get some kind of glasses. Squinting in the dark because of driving rain is not such a good idea. As I rode I felt God’s pleasure, doing hard things feels good.

The ride home I missed the rain by about 10 minutes. Two dogs gave me a jump. Water flowing across one of the roads. When it starts to get lighter I will take pictures but for now, nothing for you to see. Stats below

Arrive 7:30am
Sunrise 8:02am
Wind: From E at 8 mph
Lots of Rain
43°F Feels Like 38°F
4.43 mi
25:42 min
avg speed 10.36 mph
max speed 17.92 mph

Avg Speed 9.52 mph
Max Speed 19.87 mph


3 thoughts on “Commute

  1. The stats are cool, are you thinking you will do that everyday? Where are you getting the weather stats from? Love you babe, I’m getting used to you riding your bike, knowing you are leaving and will be home in less than a half hour pushes me to get dinner ready in that time, or dishes done, or house cleaned or all three :)

  2. I think daily stats might get boring, I will go for weekly and monthly so that I see trends, faster averages, more daylight, things like that. I get stats like “Rain” based on weather its is raining while I ride, wind speeds, temp, and sunrise/sunset are from

    The trip only adds 15-20 minutes to my commute. If only the dogs did not freak me out :)

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