I hate politics

Politics just have not been my thing lately. It really started back when I realized the the Republican party as a party has no intention doing what it takes to change our society. Now it has come to the point where I feel we never will with a party system period. With the recent implosion of the Constitution Party where does this leave us? We can vote a third party as a protest but part of the problem is that we never have representation in government. Step back and take a look at what I like to call democracy lottery. We think that we have a representative government when in fact we have the opportunity to cast a vote and hope that we get someone to represent us, as a state rep, US Congress, US Senate, or President. It gets all the way down to the city and county level. Representative government is a myth.


3 thoughts on “I hate politics

  1. I won’t go to the point of saying the Constitution Party has imploded, but that’s going to happen if the leadership does anything further to disenfranchise pro-lifers within the party (like asking Michael Peroutka to stay out of an executive committee meeting). It will implode if they continue work against members who attempt to advance the party platform, especially where the principles of the platforms are Biblically and Constitutionally sound.

    Regardless of what any party does or how we choose to network political resources, we need to encourage voters to stay a way from the “ticket” mentality and vote for candidates based on their individual positions and record. Party affiliation is subordinate to these factors, and voters may end up with candidates that oppose their personal positions simply because they are running with a preferred party.

  2. I agree with you that the way the Constitution Party has treated Michael Peroutka is disgraceful. According to Peroutka some nine state parties have either disaffiliated or are in the process of disaffiliating from the Constitution Party as a result of their vote to retain a state party that knowingly elected leaders and endorsed candidates that would allow abortion in the cases of rape and incest. I consider that a pretty major implosion. I continue to work to elect candidates for local office that embody the principles that the Constitution Party claims to believe in.

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