Google Reader rocks

I am loving using Google Reader to stay up to date with RSS feeds and blogs and news. I am not subscribed to hundreds of feeds like some people (Scoble is so cool that I don’t need to link to him) but because of “Shared Items” I can read the cream of his rss feed. I also now have a shared list and I posted the feed on my sidebar.

The great part is that I am now a major news broadcaster.

The shortcuts are what makes it so easy, and the view that I use makes it feel like gmail. I like to choose the list view, all items, start at the top, skim the first entry, j (next item), skim, j, read (this looks interesting), Shift+S (share item), j, j, spacebar (scroll page for long entries), j, k (To go back, that last item cought my eye after I passed it), j, v (open original item in a new window), m (mark item as unread, Its too long and I want it to still be unread)

So sign up for google reader, get rid of any default feeds that might come with it, add my link blog, add scobles link blog, and try to keep up with the RSS Firehose, ride the river baby, the RSS River of News


This post was inspired by SidebarGeek , and also ignore any simalarities between my link log and scobles, if you happen to see the same links its because I found them interesting enough to share with my friends, Scoble and I have diferent friends but he got to pass his picks along. Its like The Wave, get it going and soon you just convinced 10,000 people to stand up and have their hands in the air :)


9 thoughts on “Google Reader rocks

  1. You’re cute honey, sorry but I’m going to be sticking with bloglines (remember you got me to start that), I only do The Wave when I feel like it :) Love you!

  2. I agree, Christian; Google Reader does rock, much more so than my previous RSS feed-aggregating website, which had some issues staying online. I’ve never used Bloglines.

    I finally figured out how to put my shared items on my blog.

  3. Hey, how did you get that google reader sidebar on your blog? I can’t find the widget in my appearance section of the admin page. Did you have to upgrade your wordpress account in order to add it?

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