I call it Fair Use, but so what

They can get you even if you are only sharing among family and friends. Watch out for this kind of thing to spread. Via TechCrunch

It looks like the removals aren’t limited just to videos containing Universal music, either. Robert Mowery, a Grouper user, forwarded a take down email today involving a certain Kenny G song, Midnight Motion. Kenny G’s label is Arista, a subsidiary of Sony and a sister company to Grouper. This comes just after recent news that Sony was softening their stance on this kind of thing.

He writes “The video they mention here was set up as Private view only for family and friends, so it is not even on mainstream. Second, my wife and I put the family video together and used one of the Kenny G CD’s that I had bought for her to pull music for the video. So, not only did I use purchased music – it was for private viewing.”


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