Some goals to work on

This year I am actually using the new year to make some resolutions / goals that I needed to make anyway. New Year Resolution is just the kick I needed. Thy all have to do with personal discipline and growth (duh), doing the things I know that I need to and want to.

  • Blog everyday
    • This is about doing it even when I dont want to, and getting to look back on a year of content. More on my Blog365 post , I already missed a day but part of the goal is o not cry over spilled milk, pick up and see how long it takes to get my 365 posts done, no more than one per day.
  • Do  pushups
    • This is about doing something hard that does not feel good but has good results
  • Do situps
    • Same
  • Ride my bike to work often
    • Just doing my part to save the planet, and enjoy life
  • Start that project that I cant get out of my brain
    • The idea I have needs to be done, and I am the one to push it forward, I have to do this for my sanity. It is hard, I don’t have all of the answers but I must move forward with it.
  • Death to the Snooze Button
    • Sleep feels good, but there is work to be done and I need to be a man that will do what I say I am going to do, including get out of bed at the time I say I will get out of bed. (Simple)

This is a great start, and if I stick with it, even when I mess up, look out. 2007 is going to be an awesome year. I dont have to be 100%, just 95% if I recognize I am sliding. Just writing my goals down for the world to see puts me way ahead of 99% of the other 2007 resolution setters. rocks.


11 thoughts on “Some goals to work on

  1. I love you babe, these are great goals and I know you can accomplish all of them! With God’s strength and a little nudge out of bed from your wife here and there, we all need each other to accomplish our goals right? I love seeing you do push-ups and sit-ups, it’s good for our boys to watch you too, I thought it was so cute when Eamon was doing sit ups on the couch today. I think it’s a great example for the boys seeing you taking care of your body.

    Love you!

  2. Hey…. I just visited ur blog from the link in ur comment in my blog :) . And learnt something new – claimId. I have always been worried about losing my identity online. And claimId seems to be the first ste towards regaining control over my stuff over the net. ;)

  3. Hi, I like your resolutions – they all seem very sensible and achievable. I think that I should adopt your resolution about getting up on time – don’t you find that you get so much more done in a day when you actually get up when you are supposed to? I don’t know why I struggle out of bed in the morning, as it makes all the difference between rushing round like an idiot trying to sort out everything before the school run, and gently completing all my morning household tasks before leaving for the walk to the school in plenty of time. Who knows – if I get up when my alarm clock rings I might even manage to eat breakfast now and again!

  4. Chris,

    I will check out WordPress. I may quit Twitter so don’t bother. I have my own stalker that reappeared after a comment I made in my bio. That and VOX is AOL for Blogs. No control over coding. Goodbye VOX. Hello WordPress.

  5. I can see the benefit of Vox, but I love, we host our family blog but I enjoy seeing how Matt and the gang are enabling community while stopping spam and ugly sites. You have limited code tweaking here but lots of opportunity with play with widgets. No javascript allowed. But that is a two edged sword. No javascript means it is secure and no annoying pop ups or music automatically playing.

  6. the exercise sounds great…i also have the goal of writing to those in the persecuted church via voice of the martyrs

    as to losing weight a person can rapidly lose weight and keep it off with Atkin’s diet. I lost 30 pounds and kept them off for a very long time with little effort or exercise, Christian…

    There was a book written before Atkins called Calories don’t Count that goes into all the biochemistry about 12 years before Dr. Atkins. His diet is the only one that makes sense to me where you don’t kill yourself and remove positive effects of the meat God gave us to eat. The only way to slip up on Atkins is to fall back into the refined sugars, flours, and junk of the modern food pyramid.

    I would stay away from dangerous vegetarian diets and espeically from low fat fads….we need fats desperately….

    I would stay away from trans fats such as margarine and the faky vegeterian oils…


  7. I am not a fan of atkins, it would not work for our family, but we are able to maintain a healthy eating pattern by doing a portion of our day on raw food and save the meat until lunch and dinner. I would never make a good vegetarian.

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