Given a gift that was not deserved

Yesterday I was given a gift. A few weeks ago I rear ended an SUV with my 89 Toyota Corolla. Not hard but enough to bend their bumper and really scare the driver, she was young and alone, probably her first accident, and not her fault. My car needs new headlights, and a new fan, and the hood is buckled up. Thats why I am riding my bike to work, we are just going to do with the family minivan for now. Well the family was gracious and the dad said that he and his sons would install a new bumper, it was only going to cost me $200 for the part. The plan was that he would call me after January 1st so that I could get him the money. I called him last night and he said that they decided to just let it go, to keep the money and that if in the future they wanted it fixed they would do it themselves. I had the cash waiting for him and he said just keep it. A blessing and yet humbling at the same time. Many people would be trying to get a claim for non-injuries and any blemish fixed. Hey, its a chance for free money. And this gentleman calls it even. Thank you sir. May God bless you.


3 thoughts on “Given a gift that was not deserved

  1. God is teaching us so much right now. It’s amazing to be blessed by a complete stranger and then someone you have inconvenienced!

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