Move a DVD to your computer to make it easier to watch

Make life easier. It’s Friday and I will try to give a tip that I am using to make my life easier. Todays tip is to go over to this post on Lifehacker, follow the instructions and install everything you need to play a DVD on your computer even if the DVD is not in the DVD Drive. When I rent a DVD I can put it on my computer and watch it ONCE and then delete the version on my computer. I consider this fair use and have no need for watching a movie more than once or collecting movies. It also lets you watch a movie that might be scratched and cause a DVD drive to freeze up.

I simply

  1. insert the DVD,
  2. click the “Automatic DVD rip D-Drive” shortcut on my desktop
  3. Type in the title of the DVD
  4. let the computer transfer the movie over to my hard drive (15 minutes)

Then when I am ready to watch

  1. I open the VLC media player
  2. Choose the file, open folder, navigate to C: (name of disk folder) and open
  3. watch movie
  4. delete folder that contains the movie that I do not own

I like how VLC Media player plays DVDs, it can also take a snapshot of the screen during the movie. Play a video on your wallpaper behind your icons (cant imagine why you would do this but it is cool.

DVD Shrink

VLC Media Player


3 thoughts on “Move a DVD to your computer to make it easier to watch

  1. Works great too so far :) I’m so glad I married you hon, then I don’t have to think about these kind of techy things! Love our differences, and Happy Anniversary babe!

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