Yeah, books!

I got two books in the mail today from Amazon, Getting Things Done and Web Database Applications with PHP and MySQL

I have wanted the first for over a year and finally took the plunge. The second I have been wanting for a month based on a recommendation from my good friend Josh Clark. Our pastor Dean is just starting to go through GTD with the leadership group on Saturday mornings. Even though I cant go I still want to implement a complete system of GTD. I need it. I am excited to be able to free up more RAM in my conciseness and be able to process more in the moment. I think it will make me a better employee to focus on the now when I am at work instead of have all kinds of projects and desires to accomplish things haunt me all day. I discovered GTD from, and it has been my main scource for GTD info. Time to get real.

More on the PHP / MySQL book later :)

Also this came across my Google Reader yesterday and I was convicted. I have been guilty and I want to do all to not be a quiet thief. link

“He also that is slothful in his work is brother to him that is a great waster” (Prov. 18:9).

This passage illustrates well the nature of sins of omission. When someone vandalizes something, we can readily see that this is a species of mindless theft. The thief takes something away, but he does not take it away for himself–he just takes it away from everyone by destroying it. In a similar way, when an employee is slothful in his work, he is destroying his employer’s time. This is a form of stealing, and the fact that many workers don’t think of it this way does not lessen the destructiveness of what is happening. This passage says that work not done, which could and should have been done, is tantamount to destroying that same work if done by somebody else. Let us say that one employee is goofing off, arriving late, and wasting time in pointless conversation. Over time, this amounts to one widget not being made that otherwise would have been made. (This illustration is occurring in a widget factory.) This text says that such laziness is comparable (“brother to”) taking a widget that an industrious employee actually made, and destroying it. Laziness is simply quiet vandalism, quiet theft.

I don’t want to waste time, it just takes a very conscious effort to focus on the task at hand without seeing and doing another thing that needs to be done and yet distracts. I am working on it. With God’s grace I can overcome and be that employee that is worth $30 an hour whether I am being paid that or not.


5 thoughts on “Yeah, books!

  1. Wow babe, great post. That is a very convicting excerpt you posted there. I too hope to not be a quiet thief, even those of us moms who stay home can be guilty. Not being diligent to spend time with the children when I know that I need to, and being on the computer when I know I need to put a load of laundry in the wash while the kids are asleep so I have more time when they are awake. I love you babe, I know that with God’s help we will overcome.

  2. Chris,

    I listened to Merlin Mann’s hour plus podcast on GTD a week or so ago. I learned so much from that listen. I wanted to share it with my boss, but though twice about it. I may have to have another listen for myself every so often.

  3. I just remembered a quote from the podcast that your brain should be free to process information, not store information only. I love that.

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