Are you a lone ranger or an active tribe member?

Great post by Seth Godin, go and read it. He makes the point that I have so much trouble communicating to others about where I see the internet headed. It is what my focus is right now. Trying to live it for the purpose of putting the tools in to action to accomplish the dreams that are in me.

Web4 is about smaller, far more intense connections with trusted colleagues and their activities. It’s a tribe. You don’t have to join a tribe. But if you did, would you be more successful?

I am watching how this is taking off. They are kind of tricky, you dont start by creating an account, you just start filling out your family tree. Once they get your email you can log out but not log back in. Then you ask them for your password and they send it to you. The first time you login you have to agree to their terms of service. As you add family members to your tree along with their email addresses they can just click on the link in their email and start adding. It is very powerful. A little buggy still but its their first week of being open. I am all about trusted networks, I just love um!


One thought on “Are you a lone ranger or an active tribe member?

  1. I have not read the post by Seth Godin yet, but I will. I had an hour long commute home tonight. in the car I heard a talking head say the words ‘oil crisis’. Soon after I imagined how the internet would play a HUGE role in telecommuting if we had an oil crisis so severe that I was unable to commute an hour each way to and from work.

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