Do what you can

In my head I have a super huge grand idea that can impact numerous lives and change the world as we know it. But of course I currently lack the skills time and money to make this project happen. So I have known that I need to start somewhere and just last week it hit me what I needed to do. Like any revolutionary idea these days it all starts with the domain name purchase. I finally decided on the TLD and ran it by multiple advisers, it passed and now I just need to buy it. But $15 bucks for the .org and .com is not in this check.

Well instead of building the killer app I will be setting up a blog and a wiki, to communicate and then to gather the relevant data. It really is not about me, its just what I would love to do. If someone gave me one million bucks I would quite my job and pursue this idea full time. So how do you bootstrap with no funds? I will let you know as I go.

It really is about how you make an idea come to life 20 minutes at a time. Life does not stop.


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