A new personal vehicle

While I have been commuting on my bicycle I have been thinking about what my ideal human powered personal transport vehicle would be like. It would incorporate features that I have seen all over but here is a list.

  • It would a recumbent trike
  • It would have a full enclosure, and be aerodynamic
  • It would have heads up display, that would show 360 degree view, represented with symbols, of all cars and distance from you.
  • Turn signals
  • a flywheel that would recharge the battery system and allow you to continue pedaling at full speed even as you come to a stop.
  • A power assist that would boost your speed when pulling onto a road or from a stop while in traffic
  • The electric assist would also have a clutch that would engage the flywheel as you matched the speed you are pedaling.

The goal is to have a bicycle that can drive in traffic as needed through town and not lose momentum through stoplights and be able to jump up in speed as needed. You would have a GPS unit that knows your route and can learn where hills and stoplights are and make sure that you have enough power to get you to your destination. You can also program in wether or not you will be able to charge at your destination. So if you are going to the store you can input that you will need to get there and back. You would schedule your charging time, and it would know that you need to reserve power. that way you can get home asap if you have a full charge.

Any thoughts? I would love any additions you could offer. I don’t see why this vehicle couldn’t come into fruition in the next 5 years.


7 thoughts on “A new personal vehicle

  1. Well the neighbor across the street has built a three-wheeled electric bicycle. His daughter said that he has spent $1,000.00 thus far and has worked on it for two years. I cannot remember a Saturday afternoon that he has not had his garage door opened and seeing him sitting on a chair with his head in the motor. He rolls it out every morning weather permitting. Straps his helmet on and we wave to each other as we head in different directions. I should snap a picture of this bike.

  2. Interesting. I will have to go over and chat with him. I am thinking of going to the Maker Faire in October up in San Mateo. Have you considered this?

  3. Oh I would love to go, no question. But a trip to Cali is not in the cards for me this year. Talk to him about the interview. It would be fun. We would need to do it either late on a weekday or on a Saturday morning.

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