Those things are bad for you

Tonight we ate dinner at Red Robin in Burlington. They have a new burger the Mo-Cheese-Mo Burger, with four cheeses. I would show you a picture and full description of it but its not on their website. Now that burger was really good but Red Robin has the Bottomless steak fries, all you can eat. Those things are bad for you. What is it about All you can eat that gets us to pig out and feel too full for 5 hours after a meal? I am going to guess it is gluttony. Part of it is also greed, got to get your moneys worth.

So I am writing this down as a way of remembering that even though I enjoy eating steak fries dipped in ranch dressing from Red Robin, I don’t feel good afterwards if I pigged out on them. Just something to remember.


The freedom to Mark all as Read

I love Google reader but I read slowly, I like to take if what I am reading. On Saturday my Google Reader had over 1900 unread items. Well thanks to some great advice I am down to 860 unread items. Scoble told me that even though he subscribes to that fat stack of feeds, he only reads what he can, and then just…. marks all as read!

In the keynote Anil suggested unsubscribe as a way of catching up, but Scoble responded that you should just mark all as read and pick up later. I did do a bit of feed cleanup, but it really feels good to just let information float away like that.

Anatomy of the Scoble Effect

So just because I have wondered what kind of effect a link from an “A list” blogger has, I am going to share what happened here.

In the 24 hours after Scoble linked to me on a Saturday afternoon, I received approximately 1020 more hits than my daily average. Here are the referral stats for that day, 251… 220 135 15 14 6 5 5… 4 3… 3

And here were the clicks out of my blog that day,… 41… 15 11 8… 8… 8… 7… 5… 5… 4… 4

I also made it into the top 100 blogs at number 83 for the day, and was the number 6 growing blog on, all from just one link from scoble on a Saturday.

It was fun but I don’t plan on ever being a blog superstar, I do it because I enjoy it and I like to be able to see how I have changed over the years. How I see things is shifting and I cant see that trend on a weekly basis but over the years it sure does show up.