A woodland home

I saw this home last week but they had problems with their site so I waited to post about it until now. Their site has the whole story but I wanted to share a few thoughts and some photos.

I love the hobbit style, the way the wood flows, the grass grows down the slope.

It looks so warm. Dirt and hay have wonderfull insulating properties.

Getting play up here would be so fun, while the big people are down stairs

What I would like to see is what this looks like in 20 years, if there are any issues with settling.

We live in a house that is about 750 sq ft, with 3 kids, and number 4 will be born here in 8 weeks or so. Finding just where everything will be stored is a challenge but we are getting there. It’s fun actually.

One day I would love to build a house like this as a project and rent it out as a Bed and Breakfast.


One thought on “A woodland home

  1. Do you know how many square feet this house is? I love it, I think they would have problems if they had 10 kids though, but it’s a great place for a small family!

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