Worship Commons (Alpha)

Well I have taken the first steps for my idea I have had been thinking and dreaming about. I purchased the domains, installed wordpress 2.1, installed mediawiki, and loaded a placeholder on the front page of WorshipCommons.com, WorshipCommons.org, and WorshipCommons.net.

The placeholder is a saved copy of the blog about page but I changed the file to index.html and uploaded it to the html dir of the respective domains. Later I will just configure the htaccess file to redirect bothe the .net and .com over to the .org site.

I will reveal more of the project as I can :)


One thought on “Worship Commons (Alpha)

  1. Good job hon, I know you are really excited about this! I’m sure that it will go somewhere. And now you know where I’m going? To bed! I’m soooo tired!

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