I just wanna be me

There has been some very disappointed users of Flickr lately. Flickr is forcing its users to merge their old logins to a yahoo login. Before they were acquired by Yahoo you simply used your email address as you login name. Since getting my gmail address I will have that same email for life. But yahoo has been around for so long that it is almost impossible to find a simple id name for yourself.

My very first email account was with Yahoo back in 1998. MyID was ChrisHeb12_1. Now how is that for unique? But it totally dates me. Thats just not who I am anymore. Now I am just plain ol me, christian.burns take it or leave it.

So it appears that Microsoft is talking about embracing OpenID. So how about if Microsoft enables OpenID for it’s services, then acquires Yahoo, and then lets flickr members use OpenID?

Works for me, lets all make a wish.


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