Living in a Post Mordor World

Today I listened to a great sermon by Douglas Jones from Christ Church of Moscow ID titled “The Culture of Fear.” I am going to listen to it again because it really gets my mind going. Mr Jones does a great job of showing how safe we really are even though our culture perceives the grave threat of terrorism.

I was in third grade in 1983 and was vividly aware of the possibility that we could have a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. The movie The Day After came out and I remember the fear of it. Red Dawn came out in 1984, I think I saw that in 85 or 86. I actually thought about what we would do in an invasion, how to get away and fight the Russians.

So in 2007 America is the top dog and we are trying to bring our democracy to countries that have no common bond of liberty. We excuse violations of personal liberty and privacy even though they will have zero effect on safety.

As stated in this message, I want to learn to live as a Noble, and exercise the freedom that has been purchased for me and you.

Direct audio download of “The Culture of Fear”


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