Something new for me

Today at church it was my turn in the rotation to pray in the service. It was the first time I have done this at our new church. It would have been just like any other time I have lead prayer in church except that at this church, men tend to write out the prayer ahead of time. Its not to be stodgy and stiff, just to be prepared and think about what you are going to say ahead of time. So last night I sat down and typed out my prayer, thinking it through and grabbing scripture, editing the order of the prayer and so on. When I woke up in the morning and looked it over I made a few small edits and printed it out.

When the time came in the serce for me to pray I stood up, walked to the pulpit,  took out my paper and prayed my prayer. It was really cool to read it and mean it. It was a powerful thing to speak with confidence and not grasp for words on the fly and not add filler words to the prayer.

So I posted the prayer for yesterdays post, and look forward to the next time that it is my turn to pray. Praise be to God.


3 thoughts on “Something new for me

  1. Like I said this afternoon, that was the longest prayer I have ever heard you pray. But it was good, and heartfelt. I love that you wrote it out, seems to have more thought and heart behind it. Thanks for being such a great leader babe, I love you!

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