Trojan Suit, full body armor failed to sell on ebay

From the ebay auction that ended February 14th and failed to meet the reserve bid of $35,000


Troy Hurtubise is world renowned for his Ursus Series of bear suits as well as such breakthrough innovations as Firepaste, LIMBC, AngelLight and many more. Troy Hurtubises latest innovation required 1800 hours and 150,000.00 dollars and is the first of its kind in the world–The Trojan. The first full-body exoskeleton ballistic suit of armor. The Trojan was specifically built for coalition troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan to combat the dreaded IED’s as well as for police across the world manning the front lines of riot control.

Specific stats on the Trojan are as follows:
90% flexibility, 95% body coverage. The Trojan allows the wearer to drive vehicles, run full-tilt, climb stairs and conduct dive roll manoeuvers. The Trojan weighs a mere 30 pounds without the Trojan shield. The Trojan incorporates 16 different electronic functions and prototypes impregnated into its exoskeleton. Some of the Trojans key features are a laser tracking system, 5 L.E.D. light spectrums, a voice recorder, a voice activated pedometer, a digital electronic compass, built in compartments for salt tablets and morphine pills, a digital thermometer, a built in intake cooling fan which runs on solar power, a throwing and knife, a medical emergency light transponder and much more.

Though the armor built specifically for the Trojan, named Shadow Armor, in not present throughout the suit, it is being sold with the suit for the buyer to reproduce at will. The Armor is a level three light/hard armor that weighs a mere 26 ounces per square foot and is a mere 2/8 of an inch thick. The successful bidder will own full rights to the formula, a sample piece, layering system and materials used. The successful bidder will have exclusive rights to the “Shadow Armor” alone, but Mr. Troy Hurtubise will retain the right to reproduce the exoskeleton of the Trojan suit itself. Meaning, if Troy Hurtubise wishes to make further Trojan suits in the future, he may do so. Mr. Troy Hurtubise will not, however, have the right to reproduce the armor called Shadow Armor or reproduce the formula bought by the successful bidder. Mr. Troy Hurtubise will have to invent an altogether new armor. The level three light/hard shadow armor being sold with the Trojan suit is capable of stopping cold repeated fire at point blank range all handguns, shotguns, grenade shrapnel and pipe bomb shrapnel. Also knife proof. Trojan exoskeleton made from high impact plastic. For riot control purposes, the Trojan shield is the first defensive/offensive shield. The Trojan shield incorporates its own light source and defensive spray system and, using the “Shadow Armor”, can be made bullet proof. The full weight of the Trojan shield with ballistic capabilities is 10 pounds. Another unique feature of the suit – a first of its kind in the world–is a left and right hip magnetic holster system for twin 9 mm handguns.


07e8_1.JPG 07da_1.JPG 071d_1.JPG 07c6_1.JPG

Question & Answer

Q: I checked youtube for the footage of the Shadow Armor testing. I searched under both Shadow Armor and Hurtubise and could not find it. Could you post the link. Thanks.

A: Here is the Hamilton Spectator piece
Here is the Discovery Channel piece

Q: Just a thought. I think someone with better skills than I have should take the picture of you without the helmet and superimpose Stephen Colbert’s head on it, and post it to the Stephen Colbert Wikipaedia listing with a bold caption stating something like “Our fearless leader, Stephen Colbert, selflessly speading truthiness among the masses while attired in the Trojan Armor designed by Troy Hurtubise” with a link to the EBay auction and a challenge to others to take the image and place it in imaginative locales, etc. ie: on Capitol hill, as a giant beside the pyramids, among US troops in Iraq, or as the Colossus of Rhodes. They could also have a caption competition. Please post this and see what talent is out there (and maybe get some attention from the Report …. if they run with it, it would be terrific).

A: OK. Thanks for the interest.

Q: Dear Mr. Hurtubise- What steps are you taking to make sure that this technology doesn’t fall into the wrong hands?

A: The internet and E-Bay are not discriminatory by nationality. I have no control over who can bid (or who they are in reality). Even if I was contacted directly by a US Military person, it is doubtful that I could be certain that they were truly who they said they were. In any case, I have never had any interest from them on the product and I have no alternative but to put my faith in EBay and hope for the best outcome. I am getting a lot of people asking if Steven Colbert on the Comedy channel has been in contact with me. I am told that he probably has a great audience for this. Since several people are mentioning his name in e-mails, and none for any of the other talk shows, can anyone help to get him in touch with me?

Q: Hi Troy, I remember reading about your suit in the newspaper not too long ago. I have to give you kudos for making a suit like this. It is truly fantasy becoming reality. It is a bit shocking to see you sell this on ebay. Was it not your original intent to sell to North American Military ? Because I do remember that you were “doing this for the boys”. This would have been perfect for the military as their equipment is outdated, in my opinion. Anyways, good luck with the auction. Hope the military will one day look in your direction for your future inventions.

A: I am getting a lot of messages similar to this. Thank you all for your good wishes. I too hope that the “good guys” will at least “return the call” and allow me to demonstrate so they can make a decision based upon the actual innovation. I can’t channel the product to the best end user unless they show some interest.

Q: Sir, why are you selling this item?

A: It is a matter of necessity, not desire.

Q: Holy crap that thing looks totally bad*ss! That thing is perfect for riot cops and prison guards. The intimidation factor alone…

A: I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the market able to act most swiftly to bring this to the market. Hopefully not specifically to an oppressive country.

Q: what caliber weapons does this protect against? and at what velocities. thank you! also, does this come with the patent rights?

A: The level III Shadow Armor tested “cold-stopped” the following: 12 gauge pump shotgun with 1.5 oz sabat slug at 4.5 ft, and a 9mm, a 357 mag, and a magnum 44 handgun @ 6 ft ***ALL USING THE SAME 12″x12″, 26 oz, .25″ THICK, MOULDABLE SAMPLE***. The sample was shot by a certified sharpshooter at a certified range … see YouTube for footage.

Q: I hope you consulted a lawyer before offering rights along with the suit. Seems to me the suit alone would attract alot of interest and THEN you could sell off your armor PATENT seperately…

A: patents are only as good as the depths of your pockets. if you can’t afford to defend it, it is just making it easy to copy. if i had the deep pockets behind me it would be the way to go.

Q: Dear Mr. Hurtubise, I wish you luck in the sale. I hope that someone will recognize the great amount of effort and thought that went into the Trojan. Now more than ever the world needs ideas like yours. Graham

A: Thank you and all the others who are expressing encouragement and good wishes for me and my family.

Q: What are Troy’s Measurements? Will this suit fit most people?

A: a fit 5’8″ and 160 lbs. Should fit any person not too far away from that.


138 thoughts on “Trojan Suit, full body armor failed to sell on ebay

    • how about the durability and reliability? is it easy to clean, to put on, to wear it al day? sand whould get in every tiny hole and place, do you need to spend a lot of time to maintain the suit? what is the lifetime of the suit? can you trow in in the garbage when your hit? or will it even protect you at all?

      where do you keep the mags for your gun, the grenades, explosives, food, water? can you wear a backpack?

      is it flameable?

      i think a gas mask whould be better than a voice changer, you should have a visor in the helm and make it airtight with gas mask filters or an own oxigan supply, and when you need ventilation, open the visor or just put the helm of. and perhaps an built in display? how wil you use a binoculars?

      how about vision? can you clearly see? or it like a 1600 hundreds knight helmet? has it night vision or infrared? or at least capabilitys for it?

      what kinda power source whould it be using?
      the sun doesnt always shines

      when someone is dying, he wil be dying becouse of someone shooting at him, you cant flip open ur voice recorder, he needs medical attention, how do you give a soldier adrenaline? built it in the suit.

      what are all those things on the shield? you should make it like a tank,make it angeld and flat to deflect bullets.

      soldiers need medium to longrange weapons. swat need cqc weapons, you should have suits for different conditions, hot cold, long range, short range, riots,urban, jungle, polar warfare. just to name a few ranges of aplications,

      and you should look at the future, not the taliban, but the other more advanced countrys, but the usa and dutch are working on nano tech suits, special camo, and exoskeletons with great strength,
      is it realy modern weapon proof?

      why use a little rc with camera? when you can use a mirror or gun with a corner barrel to see and elliminate the insurgent.

      is it realy modern weapon proof?

      and camouflage, the lights nor the suit alone is very tactical, how loud is it?

      this is a small video of our sf, the B.B.E, or U.I.M Unit Intervention Mariniers:

      but the real question is, do soldiers need an armour like this? i think they dont, (elite)soldiers are trained to eliminate any threat at any time and location, in any situation, not to get shot, even perfected, you wil still feel the kinetic enery of every round, its like being punched by mike tysen every time a bullet hits, imagine this on the head or body with a AK shooting full auto, this armour is inneffective in war and to advanced for simple riots(where riot shields and body armours are best for). civilians cannot in any way know or say what an soldier needs, their oppinions are based on what they see and hear on tv

      • I can not believe you are asking questions about the suit that was answered 4 yrs ago in the first video of the suit Yes He did talked to fast to fully understand him it should have been film then edit it with voice over later with a claim deep voice would have been easy to sale the suit but again I have seen parts of the suit in both Army and Navy Sp. Ops Events plus have any one here seen the new exso suit it is an Iron man design to enable the wearer to left 50lbs Ammo cans all day long
        with out allowing the man inside to get tiered
        but it does not have any shielding yet The suit is to help transport supplies to a battle field to resupply gun emplacements In the one of his videos he said that the helmet has a fan and three sits of lights that he was able to light a area with an IR BEAN OF LIGHT and WITH an IR filter on the eye guard he can see at night / low light conditions
        i believe he did say that since O2 tanks and/or air tanks are extra weight that he was looking into a ox generator that will fit on his back
        also for targeting a bad guy that he can Pant the bad guy in one of two ways Lazar and/or IR

      • Stop typing the more you type the more my head hurts trying to figure out what in the hell you are trying to say. Why is it the dumb ones that always want to say the most?

    • Can you have a full on melee battle in that without casualties? Gladiator games would be off the chain if no one died

  1. the suit seams bad ass u should get the guy from future weapons to come and test it out mabe he can help get it to our troops.

  2. It could be a gold mine if some one would want the risk. I doubt any one could persued the military to buy anything that wasnt designed by the military. If it works it could be used for personal precautions as well as stunts. Im sure he doesnt want to scatch up the prototype with rounds until he feels financialy secure first

  3. Dear Mr. Hurtubise, do you have much knowledge of electronics and motors? I ask as i believe that your trojan suit would be the perfect base for an performance enhancing suit.
    Also would it be possible to add heating into the suit as if you do choose to create a performance enhancing suit this could effect the spec of the suit. I do have some good ideas that may help you if you do decide to take this rote next.

  4. are you looking for investors in next phase cause i believe this could be future armor. how much protection does this offer from rifles and stabbing protection. and communication. capabilities and changing frequencys. then the visor actually be more of a heads up display , which can go thermal or night vision on the visor of the helmet:?

  5. the suit looks awsome and i think it could realli help out the troops. also think about swat teams, firemen, and any people that are in a department to help civilians

  6. hi iam nothing to do with the millitary but from what im seeing and reading i think this should go to the millitary as well because this trojan suit is some crasy shit i have been wondering what is this suit made out of exacly, in the pictures it looks like you could go and reek havock with that thing dude it is the best thing ever.

  7. Now, imagine if the military did have this, i wonder what kind of impact it could take from a plane crash, if it can withstand it without crushing the pilot, it would be able to save tons of pilots, not to mention if they did go down behind enemy lines, they would be well suited to protect themselves and get themselves out. i believe this is the future in armor technologies. i hope the military “returns your call”

    • a planecrash doesnt kill the pilot, the g force does, the sudden impact will make your bones, muscles and guts turn into jelly

  8. Also, you could put a few special addons into the armor for pilots, such as some sort of inflation device in case they crash into the water, like small canisters around the armor that blow off and a high strength material “balloons” could inflate all around the armor’s upper and mid section.

  9. The Only thing that i am worryed about is the neck, seeing as the neck peice between the suit and the helmet is wide open a sniper would easily hit you in the neck. I think this is a very good idea otherwise and am looking in to buying one of these to test out how true this information really is. I am going to be in the infantry as of september 2008 and would really like to use this idea which whould be good ( maybe modify it a little) but it still is a very good idea seeing as the infantry now don’t use alot of protection

  10. I would put a loose fit layer of cloth on the outside that could help absorbe and also fully protect anyone wearing the suite…

  11. The Trojan Armor looks great, but your a retard for trying/selling it i’d refine a few things and then become the next Bill Gates.Think about it.

  12. The suit looks great but how would it handle with your gear? If you are packing a rifle around and all your mags would’nt it get a bit bulky? Other wise it defintly great step forward in body armor.

  13. I’m looking to get in touch with the creator of this suit. i have a proposition i quarantee they will like. post contact information on this site and i will get in touch. you will get the monetary reward you desire, and then some. I look forward to speaking with you.

  14. this is not a good idea. all of those little gadgets seem like they would be effective… in a video game. in the the real world bullets break things including little computers and lights and all those little gadgets. its too flashy. not military grade

  15. Dude, I think this suit is bullshit. This guy obviously has no military experience, based on the fact that he obviously does not know that the important thing in combat is putting bullets on the enemy, not wearing a retarded suit that makes it very hard to aim and that stops only little pistol rounds and maybe some shotgun rounds. Armor needs to stop 7.62 rounds, which the round fired from an AK 47; the main choice for haji and his jihad sing along friends. If he was gonna invest money in something it should have been in weapons with more stopping power, or vehicles that are IED resistant. The guy may be a good inventor, but obviously does not have a good mind for business.

    The ONLY application that this MIGHT, possibly, maybe, could be useful for is riot control. and even then, It seems like all you would have to do is push him or hit him with a crow bar or baseball bat and he would go down.

    • For all those people who trash this suit i say, have you tried it? Trained in it? Tested it’s capabilities? Who are you to juge a product you haven’t even tried? Maybe it’s time for the military to change it’s tactics.

  16. hey, just wondering if the suit is equiped with any sort of gas mask feature. ive seen most of the youtube vids and i didnt hear anything about that, i think it would be great for our troops if this suit would also shield someone from gas attacks.

  17. also i think what the two guys who posted above is crap, if they had watched the youtube video’s they would know that the suit can withstand the 7.62 round without a problem, maybe for oldschool berserker military tactics it might not fit the bill, but for those of us that like to stay alive in combat and with doing so nutralize more enemy, this suit is perfect. this isn’t rambo its reality guys.

  18. no matt. did you notice that the guy can only carry pistols. in the military we carry rifles and little pistols just wont make the cut. we need maneuverability and protection. all those gadgets he has on that suit seem too hollywood. we need effective gear not flashy gear. we aren’t trying to impress terrorists with our salt packs, recording headsets, and magnetic guns, we are trying to shoot them before they shoot us. this suit is for power rangers not soldiers. does that put things into terms you can understand?

    • I agree. When I saw that suit I thought that all those gadgets are just extra gadgets to get broken. Maybe a nice addition would be a magetic
      gun holster on the back of the suit although with all the jumping around I’m not so sure how that would work.

  19. dont worry man, im sure when the army buys these, they’ll cover em with that ridiculous digital camo, so ull be safe in the matrix as well.

  20. HA that doesn’t even make sense. the military wont buy these. its just not practical. you have to admit that. if you don’t then i don’t see a point in arguing with someone with that low of an intellectual level.

  21. Yeah, this suit would be okay if you are sure you will only encounter small arms fire, but they didn’t say anything about being able to stop the 7.62rounds; it probably couldn’t even stop an 5.56round. And it’s true that it looks like he’s trying to make a halo suit…plus that shield looks totally impractical.
    The neck is also exposed… that’s like the most essential part of your body besides torso and head.
    In general, I think he should figure out how to make a full body light suit that can stop rifle fire, then he’ll sell it.
    It probably would be more effective to wear no armor and just storm the battlefield with a tactical heavy shield and a partner to do the shooting.

  22. Forgive me but I think it is a great idea it is a begining to protecting the person inside my family has been in the military medical field since 1950 both father ( the first Para jumpers -Para medics) and to my brother has been combat head male nurse of a field hospital

    every thing that has been stated as wrong about the suit can be adjusted about having no rifle the maker most not own a rifle but any weapon can be added easily about not covering all the person well I do think 90% is better then what we have now There are body armor use for VIP that does not cover as WELL
    It is the comic book way he moves around this Troy guy but TO MAKE A SALE you have to be overbroad about the produce I do not have $35,000 to spend but I would love to work on the suit for fire rescue to be able to use the sprayer as flame subpressent maybe get the fire jell blankets and/or packs to cover an area to make sure there is a exit of a dangerous area to be able to carry it on you the fire smoke mask is not cooled but the troyjan could be clean filter cooler air
    and yes for the fire suit I would make the eye openings larger but the military is working on a heads up computer lens over one eye to get more info./ intel

  23. roit control !!! I was reading more blog comments if this suit was used in roit control. There would be 50 suits in a line with large shelds pushing back the people with a fire truck shooting water from on top of the truck . You have not seen roits like I have in Miami, Florida or in Japan AND the other countries of the world are going for the full head armor with radio and filter air system so the helmet should be cooling To give some comfort to the local Law Enforcement PERSONAL.

  24. Woah did not expect Colten and Badspot to post here from Blockland small world.

    Anyways I bet in a few years this armor will be greatly improved.

  25. Why is everyone saying you should’ve sold it to a government? The LAST thing anyone (hopefully) would want to do is arm the US government any more than it already is. It’s only a matter of time before the US govt. becomes so oppressive that we must stand up and fight it. So, which rights will they have to take away do you think? What will be the tipping point and when do you think it will happen?

    Anyone who would say this would be better off in ‘government’ hands is a moron. I would feel much safer having my fellow citizens own something like this than my government. Government is one of the scariest things any human can imagine. Now, a government like ours (oppressive, anti-individual liberties) armed to the teeth? Do you want to be a slave? Answer: Most Americans do and would be perfectly okay with that. It’s pathetic really.

    Perhaps we could learn a few things from the people who helped create this country. Most likely they were way more intelligent than YOU…

    “…rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law,’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

    “I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.”

    -Thomas Jefferson

    “Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

  26. i donno if Troy even reads this and I donno were to start .. i could start by telling you your suit is awsome and what i think is good bout it but everyone elce has covere that part …
    no i will start by telling you a bit about me asumeing anyone realy cares at all bout who i am or watever but it would be nice to converse with u about greater expantion im only 20yr old 26/02/89 i have no job that dnt bother me i didnt realy do well at school even tho i tried …
    i tried to be some1 u dnt get anywhere in this world unless ur somebody well im nobody but im still gonna make a diffrence ..
    moveing on ive been trying to design a full mobility exoskeletal suit but like ray(my step dad) said everything cost money
    i dnt have money and i dnt realy want any to be honest i just want to build a suit never before seen that will help people but with that it also can be used for bad even if that wasnt the intention anyway if u receive this my e mails if i hear from u i do if i dnt i dnt take care keep inventing

  27. dear friend Have you seen the new UN Riot suits that was used in Hatie in Feb 2007 looks to be very much like the trojan suit guess what no invention fees was paid to anyone , do we ? Also the NEW France fire suit this last year also has the same basic style and shape but only using the upper part of the trojan suit again different parts that was more useful then the whole ….

  28. Interesting. However there is no gas mask built in. Neither is there a way to wear a gas mask while wearing the helmet. Also hand guns are utterly useless in an actual gun battle. Neither accurate, nor powerful enough to penetrate body armor. Also the helmet may interfere with aiming a rifle since you typically have to hold it up against your cheek to see through the sight. The paint is reflective, bad appears that the elbows are not very flexible. Also, how does the suit protect from neck trauma. All of the little gadgets are good in theory however they don’t seem refined. It would be better to simply focus on perfecting the suit itself rather than create perks for it. Soldiers in Iraq have personal air conditioners. That suit looks like a heat-stroke waiting to happen. The suit has a lot of corners and places that may get snagged. In theory it is great, but it is totally untested. Besides, the army is continually testing and inventing it’s own armor systems. AK-47’s carry a lot of fire power. Holding two hand guns is cool for Robo-Cop and Halo fans but does not help the suit sell to the military.

  29. I honesty do not know why I keep defending the suit but.
    Just got your comment about the Trojan suit and the helmet if you read it carefully it states the it has fans and filters to cool the head the standred fire Dept air compress tanks could not fit over the suit yes but it could be work in to the system . Now day’s an Air filtering system could have worked
    IF the man had the money to work on the suit more this guy just ran out of support for something tha could still save lives as for Fire Dept. HAZ-MAT / Bomb squad use.
    This suit was an idea back in 2005-2006 have you seen some of the protective wear for the Army someone in the goverment was taking notes on this suit Yes it had a ROBO-COP look even now after the Iron man movie I have notice a refinement in the joints to the US Army suit about four months after the movie

  30. I’m surprised Gov. Swarznegger did not bid on Ebay. All kidding aside, I think will suit almost every possible situation men and women of the armed forces face everyday.

  31. It seem impressive and well protective but what are the chances against a flamethrower or similar…like molotov bombs? If it cant protect the user from fire and if it is not equipped with thermal vision, I believe it will be very easy for the enemy to ambush.

  32. I’ve been looking at all sorts of body armor lately, this one has alot of good qualities. But I think this suit has too many gadgets for conventional uses, I understand it’s nice to have them, but in a general situation, it’d probably be just as convenient to have all those gadgets in a back pack or on a belt. And the suit’s protection is nice, but the dragon skin stuff is level 4 body armor, and it’s lighter.
    If I were to have made a suit like this, I would keep the exoskeleton, make it as bullet proof as possible, as light as possible, cut out the less useful gadgets such as the little recording device, but keep the temperature control apparatus.
    I just see too many gadgets to take this suit seriously, it’s more like a kid’s toy than combat armour, it’s like trying to make a serious statement while having Aqua songs playing in the background.
    Great idea overall though.

  33. I have tryed to keep up with this suit it has some merit
    and I have seen suits worn by Riot geared police that is not as good in some cities of USA the videos needs to be less child like as if a person of the blackwater group made this suit that it is a danger to any bad guy out there the recorder device should be a blackberry phone system with internet texting that desplay in other suits transfer voice to text for commands not heard by others only the ones needed

  34. Look, the suit is a good idea but it’s wrong. I’m a marine, I know combat, it is not the place to flash lights or record your thoughts. Also, pistols suck. I’ll stand a hundred yards away, and I’ll hold my 55sixer and we’ll take turns. You get to fire off a nine mm first, and then I get to take a pot at you and we’ll see… You get hit in a firefight, period. You want to get hit in the core? no, and that’s point of chest and head armor. You can live through a shot to the arm. If you get hit by any round, with any armor on, it’s going to hurt and you’re proly’ gonna pass out from the pain. You can’t focas on just defense, you have to make your main purpose out there KILLING BODIES! There are just a million reasons that wearing this suit in the sandbox will get you killed. If you’re a SEASONED vet and you’d like to contend with this, I’ll listen. Otherwise I might ignore you. Oh! and fyi, digi cammoflage is one of the most brilliant things our military has ever done especially in grey. Think of it this way, when you scan the horizon you either look up and down or left to right. If you’re looking left to right, what will stand out to you right away are not colors. What will stand out is the clash that happens between your horizontal movement and the vertical shape of something. And vice versa. When things are perfectly square shaped, your eye just moves with all the lines smoothly without clashing. Grey is great because you don’t blend into color, like I said, you blend into lighting. Grey is shaded to blend into different lighting. Join the military before you comment on the alleged mistakes thereof, okay?

  35. No, black doesn’t match any natural colors, but it does blend in with shadows of things giving it a better dispersion pattern.

  36. Yes, but everything blends into shadows of things. Did you know that the ninjas actually used RED suits because red turns black in the dark and is scary in the light. Not saying that I should start dying my cammies red, but if he’s gonna choose any color it could’ve been red. You don’t change color to blend into lighting situations, you change your stance. Marine corps special ops. All colors can blend into dark, just like all lightings can blend into red as long as the lighting is red.

  37. The design of the suit seems more ideal to a S.W.A.T. team than military. For the level/price issue, for big protection army generally aims for stuff like tanks. This is more important for personal and quick units with a small arms focus, again, very S.W.A.T. and similar small strike forces with a high ‘density’ of technology. (Army is big, but has lots of personal, it spreads its dollars among as many individuals as possible. You need a force that spends more dollars per person.)

  38. for all you that think you can come up with some thing better. this man as had an idea. spent his own time on building the suit. It would be better if everyone would give their ideas to the production of the suit. So if you could built something like this, what would you do better. Their are so many people in this world that are smart, that can come up with all the things that would make this suit preform in a actual arms forces battle to fight for our country. money should not be a factor in this. all tho we all would enjoy not having to worry about the bills. to see someone doing something to the fullest and their own abilities/knowledge
    is nice. thank you for being you…

  39. Chris, on December 24th, 2009 at 4:40 pm Said:
    karl, on November 12th, 2009 at 2:01 pm Said:
    This guy is obviously in the military based on his spelling.

    Are you implying that his spelling is bad or good and which one is supposed to represent the military? As apposed to the rest of the people here who saw this stuff in a RoboCop so think its great and who can not spell to save their lives? This suit is not practical at all. The red filtered lenses do what for the wearer? Probably they only obscure vision and make colors indistinguishable. I did not listen to the video real well so if this is included I apologize. There should be integrated wireless communication in the helmet with a clear HUD similar to a fighter jet HUD. Looking at the suit it appears the 90 something percent coverage means only skin being covered. Most parts look useless and awfully small. Like the Marine (who most probably is a Marine due to his usage of military phrases) pistols are weak and inaccurate and shooting two is impractical. This system, if it offers any bullet protection at all, would be useful in a more modular design and less bells and whistles.

  40. Excuse me chris, but are you implying that my being in the military has anything to do with a lack of an ability to communicate? Think strategically, there smart guy. Why else could my spelling have been a little erred? Maybe because I have other shit to do? Maybe I was typing fast and wasn’t aware that some dude was going to be paying more attention to my spelling then my words? Read what I said, agree or disagree, and then leave it at that. Do NOT take pot shots at my military. We do not all join the military to kill people in foreign countries. We do not all join this military because we aren’t smart enough to do something else. Some of us, if not most, join because even if we don’t agree with the war of the day we do know that someday it could be another more threatening war. One that could leave people like you looking around at what was your home, longing for the family that the enemy soldiers took from you. Wondering if they are still alive. Wishing you had a gun. I’m good at what I do, and I know that I will die someday. So if that day comes when you need protecting, I’ll restrain my urge to beat you within an inch of your life and I’ll be willing to make that day the day I will die. So maybe you could excuse my fucking spelling?

    • if you had other shit to do, you’d be doing it, rather than sitting at your computer trying to start an argument, like I’m doing =). the fact that you’re referring to the military as “yours” is particularly disturbing, as no one truly owns the military. another point; i suggest you do not beat the people you mean to protect within an inch of their life, as it seems counter-productive. also, you state that you are good at what you do. if so, and you are actually doing your job, rather than sitting at your computer, posting comments on a blog, why would “another more threatening war . . . leave people like you looking around at what was your home, longing for the family that the enemy soldiers took from you. Wondering if they are still alive?”

      obviously, that’s what happens when the Marine Corps. belongs to a Lieutenant Corporal who cares about someone insulting “your” military and cannot spell his own rank (which probably changed since your post)

      oh, and lastly, if you have anything to say, go to a marine corps. base of operations and tell them, because “you” (god bless the marines) care.

      • Bill you may very well be an idiot with no life.
        Maybe one day i’ll realize what your trolling really got you cause I certainly don’t see what your gaining.

  41. To anyone else who is willing to take shots at my military, come to a marine corps base of ops and tell us all about it. We’ll listen, because we care.

    Your’s truly,
    lcpl Creech, united states marine corps.

  42. Can anyone give me the contact information to purchase a full armor suit like Troy has? any information would be appriciated thanks!

  43. I cannot give you contact information, but I can give you advice if you would like? You are a citizen of the united states, make one. Buy some ballistic foam like the stuff he used, and make one customised to your tastes. In this country, you are responsible for your protection even if the military is here to help. Make your own armour just like him. IMO, though, you should paint yours a different colour scheme… maybe without lights.

    P.S. I almosst speled a cuple wurds rong, but I corected those, don’t wunt teecher to gev mee a bad graid! I must bee so dumm beecuz uv the miletairy.

  44. Thank you for this post, I’ve learned a lot more now about mp3’s. My favorite is a open directory I found somewere on bing. It contains thousands of music files. I have added the link in that website url option. Hope to see more posts from you!

  45. Sally, you are absolutely correct, it shows that you’re an authority on the subject. I admire someone that takes the pride you have and with your projecton of information. oSo when i actually do sit down to read material, I appreciate well written and organized blogs like this one. I have it bookmarked and will be back. Thanks.

  46. Mexico & the U.S. are sick of the crap going on in Mexico. Instead of the military going in send folks in with these to stop the drug war. Any unauthorized use of these suit – compulsory death penalty.

  47. I am a TDCJ Correctional Officer this will be great toy use in a riot. you need to call huntsville or go to the TDJC website and see iff the texas prison system will buy it .

  48. hi i own a security company and would be very interested in buying some of these suit would like to buy 1 or 2 first to see the practicality and to do some tests first. if any one knows where to purchase one pleas respond to let me know.

  49. hello, my name is deonte i was intrested in your project .I am also thinking of making a stealth suit although it will be expensive.How did you get enough funding for the trojan?Also what kind of metal did you use for your suit to make it strong?Reply back to me when you get this message.

  50. Hello, I belive this is a awesome online site with excellent stuff. Which may be why I plan to ask you if I can speak about your blog on my website if I provide you with hyperlink back?

  51. That upsets me that something that is so useful isn’t even being considered by the police or the military

  52. WOW great armor love the fact that the armor is perfect for heavy combat but evey pound counts meaning that a 40 lbs would be pretty heavy if you think about it its bulky to mean hard to fit in small places and wears the ammo pouches one mag wont last long in a firefight like i said it needs ammo pouches thats about it i mean you can adjust the scope and it seems better for troops that fight on the frontlines in stead of behind enemy lines

  53. i have been doing research on you equipment and would like to commit and test it in all conditions ranging from the hottest to the coldest situations that australia has to offer. i would be willing to record and document everything in order to develop a more adaptible suit that would be able to be used in every situation. if you decide to acept my offer i am sure that the military organisations would sooner choose you desgin over others. i have high hopes for your design and hope that you would be willing to test it in such conditions

  54. Just read all these posts. Karl, good on ya man. As to the ‘suit’. Well i think the disclaimer says it all. Its not practical for military use. Do you think that the military isnt capable of something at least as good? And to be honest, it would need to be a damn sight better than this. If you think this suit is a good idea, try this. Put on a big coat, then get a bigger coat and put that on over the top. Then, put an even bigger coat over that. Do the same with the bottom half of your body (dont use coats), Wear a big pair of boots. Put a motor-cycle helmet on. See how long you can bear it. See how practical it is. See why no-one would buy it.

    Look, the guy likes to invent stuff. Fantastic. Good on him and good luck to him. But dont think for one minute that this kind of thing has a military market. security, maybe (without the cheap and nasty gadgets).

    OK, flame away

  55. First of all, this suit would only be useful as riot gear, particularly high-end riot gear. however, since the protection offered is only level III, and with no visible or advertised placement for rifle plates, which would add immensely to the protection of the user, the military, which uses body armor of level IV (able to cold-stop 7.62 rounds, which travel much faster and with greater force than even a .357 magnum) would not be interested with this. the best application is to protect police officers from blunt\sharp implements and to stop handgun fire. the suit itself is ingenious, however, i believe that, in order to get it sold to the government, you’d need to redesign it in order to attain at least level III-A protection. Do some research into the police departments with the highest fatality rates, as they would be the most willing to buy the suits, rather than the rights to manufacture them. once you procure the sales to a law enforcement arm, I believe the rights would be much, much more attractive.

  56. The military already has level IV armor, Dragon Skin is level V, so what would the military be paying for with this “Trojan” level III armor? Inferior armor that’s incompatible with all current military gear (night vision goggles, gas masks, chemical protection suits, combat webbing, etc.), which means all of it will have to be tossed and redesigned to fit; and as previous comments have pointed out Troy never demonstrated how this suit would work with longarms. Not only would the military not save anything mass producing this armor, they’d wind up spending even more updating their equipment and have less money to spend on gear soldiers ARE using.

    Troy’s heart’s in the right place (sorta), but he threw common sense out the window and burned his family’s savings making something the military never asked for and doesn’t even meet their standards; honestly I can’t find it in myself to respect a man who hurts his family chasing an impossible dream.

    Also I wouldn’t trust anything designed by a guy who claims his dream-inspired God Light (upgraded Angel Light) lets him see through objects, detect stealth, disable electronics, and cure cancer anyway.

    • your a bloody knock of u didnt listen to anything he said or research him before u start talking trash he came up with the idea to defend agianst bears foo!!!!!! and 2nd millitary gear is heavy he just trying to cut a few pounds off and he never said he can see through stuff and stealth disable all he said is he has laser trackers light armor morhine pills salt and other basic gadgets i dont see you doing anything good for north America so shut up retard

  57. please contact me if your are the creato of the trojan body armor suit i have a few questions and i believe we can make it better and more practicle for testing and maybe more gagests ive been tinkering around with ideas but i need a machinest and a partner to help me creat the suit ill send infor mation if you are interested in the suit design of the suit and was wondering how long you belive it would take to make 3 proto types for the military if you have patond it already i hope you have my email is please con tact me

  58. I really hope the military takes some insight into this, our military has neglected the unique ideas of inventors before…and they sell to other people…you know the russian T series tanks??…yep american idea…sold to the soviets..Don’t make any mistakes US…its could be costly

  59. I was just wondering. Since our bodies can’t take in radioactive chemicals for us to have “super powers”, are you planning on making your suits to have abilities a normal human can’t have like super powers? That would be a very good invention because if you really think bout it, we wouldnt be in war and troops wouldnt die as much. Im a soldier in the Army and i would love something like that going into afghan. just a thought.

    • Lol hopeful thinking, we are not far from it but the R & D is very expensive. Superstrength and superspeed would require a combination of an additional mechanical exoskeletonal as well as the armor, we have similar technology but it’s very basic and quite bulky, used with a super drug which releases adrenaline and endorphins, such which does not cause any bodily harm or side effects; while supercharging the mechanical exoskeleton simultaneously. Invisibility is possible through advanced metamaterials which can be electronically activated. And invincibility is far off without emp fields/force fields, But the closest thing would be dragon skin technology made out of graphene.

  60. Sir Do you think your suit could be adapted in such a way it wouldnt have all the loose and clunky materials on it?? A more smoothed out and less haloish terms? Im plannin out ideas for a project of a somewhat similar matter not trying to steal your ideas or nything

  61. Number one, if it CAN actually stop bullets and shrapnel then bulkiness is a small issue. It’s better to be a little slower and be able to take some serious punishment than to be agile and quick and then get your head blown off by some lucky shot. I think people are just pussies and complain too much about weight, because they’re too lazy to beef themselves up and work on their endurance. I think the helmet design is a little off, though. I think you should have focused more on a “roman” or “greek” styled design. As in an extending flap in the back to offer more protection to the neck. Or maybe a helmet design such as what the Crimson Lance use in Borderlands. It is just a video game, but that helmet design looks pretty solid in terms of practicality (neck flap and built in gas mask). I aslo think you should have incorperated more mounted weapon systems instead of little gadgets. For instance, an arm mounted M203 grenade launcher. This would make it so every soldier/marine could carry one and wouldn’t have to have it installed on their rifle. The suit releasing pepper spray really isn’t needed, flash bangs and tear gas canisters can already fill that roll and they are easily packed. As far as the shield goes, you should have gone a different route with it. The shield should be sleeker and be able to attach to the forearm in such a manner that you could still have use of your hand so you could fire a rifle and also be able to be used for hand to hand combat. Since the suit already protects a great deal of the body, the shield doesn’t need to be very wide or long, maybe just a little under the width of the average forearm, possibly one foot wide and 2 1/2 to 3 ft. long. Keep in mind it would also need to able to be attached to the back of the suit when it’s not in use. The shield would be excellent for storming buildings as well as offering you extra protection from bullets and bomb blasts. These suits would need to be camoflauged and NOT carry any kind of a shine. I think you had a pretty good start on the armor overall, though. The most impressive thing about it, though is the bullet resistant plastic. It’s really too bad the military never looked into this, but you know how they are. They don’t always take good ideas seriously. Just think of the psychological factor that would play into the enemy’s minds. They unload mag after mag and yet the soldiers/marines keep charging without so much as a scratch. Of course this is only if the ballistic plastic can do what it’s supposed to do and I think we’d have to see a live fire test before any major business thought about buying it. However, the idea is awesome and if it works, then the military is stupid for not taking it seriously..

  62. Sir, this intry may be late but this suit looks like it has much potential. I have two choices for you. 1. Talk to Lochead Martin or another military producing company. 2. In my area there is a mersenary group I’m sure the would love this.

  63. Fallowing up on my prior post test will need to be preformed but there are humane ways of doing this. Are you familiar with bolistic gell? If not buy a dead pig. Also know that the Email adress provided is void leave a reply if your interested or have questions and I’ll give you contact info. Have a good evening.

  64. Hi Troy your invention is really interesting I wanted to know how can I buy it. And if you can send it around the world . How much it cost? It can resist big weapons like machine guns? Please answer me to my e mail

    Waiting for your response,


  65. Great idea in armor advancement. I think it is a great concept for shadow soldiers like special operations and other such things where you shouldnt be taking to much fiore in the first place. Or police, riot control and S.W.A.T. would also be a great idea. But what would make things better in my opinion is if mor of the gadgets like the compass and stuff were on a HUD like thing. The flashlights are a great idea. Maybe some voice controls would help integrate the system and such. Just pitching ideas.

  66. Sir, your idea is something I’ve felt has been missing in the armed forces-full body armor, for a long time. I see our men coming home missing limbs from limited body protection, & have dreamed of such full body protection.

    If I had the resources, I would gladly invest in your armor & ideas.

  67. if you somehow mass produced that thing you could make millions and as you say around $2000 that is a fantastic price and I would be more than willing to buy it (when i reach 18!)

  68. Hey, what would it take to create and/or vamp up the trojan to become a spartan armor( From Halo). It would be beneficial to us civilians when we need to take back what is ours.

  69. No US soldier would drop their current gear and start wearing this suit even if it was free, I can tell you that. Hurtubise needs to stop making these suits and make a simple vest or helmet, or an armor plate. Then demonstrate that it is lighter, has superior performance and less backface deformation than any other similar product and then get it NIJ certified, and only then will he start making some money… or he can keep makiny these insanely impractical and expensive suits and remain bankrupt.

    • I don’t see how a simple vest or helmet is going to protect your face, arms, hands, legs, feet, etc. Several years ago, 2 bank robbers held the L.A. police force at bay for hours, injuring several officers. One wore a suit covered with Kevlar. He sewed the inside with narrow pockets & filled them with light armor plating.

      He took over 100 shots to the body, but kept shooting. He didn’t even have head or foot protection. If HE can take on an entire army of law enforcement standing out in the open, just think of the possibilities. We just have to create a total body armor suit that any soldier can wear. Anything is possible, if we keep our minds open. Just think of the amputees who would have their appendages today if such protection existed.

  70. “If HE can take on an entire army of law enforcement standing out in the open,”

    Stop dreaming and realize that he would be killed with a high powered rifle round very fast if he was to do such a thing.

    And also realize, that when you get hit by a serious round you will be knocked down, knocked out, suffer inernal organ damage, hydrostatic shock, etc… which alone could result in DEATH, despite the bullet not penetrating your armour which in some cases it already would. And then there will be a second shot and a third, good luck going against an army of law enforcement… they don’t have to penetrate your armour to kill or stop you.

    And there is NO such thing as rifle round protection for the head, neck, arms and legs. NIJ IIIa does not stop rifle rounds and more robust protection would be way too heavy to be implemented. And if it was, your bones behind such armour would still break.

    • There IS protection against a rifle round for the head. Army grunts call their helmets their “Kevlar” for a reason. I’ve seen many stories of how a soldier was saved when a rifle shot hit his helmet & ricocheted around in it, saving his life. Something like the full body armor featured in this story WILL eventually be invented, because too many of our boys are coming home without arms & legs.

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  75. sizing, custom or universal? I work for a private security contractor. we work high threat sites in CONUS. would be interested in trying your armor on several sites.

  76. My spouse and I stumbled over here coming from a different web page and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

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  79. Nice suit I can see why it would be good for military service but I dont see why u don’t just make the outside design a more compact to shave off more of the weight also if u have a shield use a strong but light mix of metall alloys and intergrate it into the breast plate and u could use titanium despite the fact it cant be easily extinguished by trying to mix your fire paste with it if I had your suit I would be like freaking iron man stopping crimes and making the world a better place I mean soldiers fight in wars police protect the people at home but they cant do it all so remember with great power comes great responsibility u want to protect the people others put in harms way

    • oh wow hello my friend I have one of the few that have fellow you from the beginning and also tried to keep up with everything you have dreamed for the suit but I then seen some of the Ironman suits / THE Major Cities police dept. SWAT Suits I am a very poor disabled person to have an exso suit to help me going walking driving climbing carrying items from the store with out fear of the street thugs from taking anything I want to keep with me the suit could have done it
      I hope you get what you want from it soon Some praise for the work you have done at less

  80. Dear mr. Burns

    Would you be willing to reproduce this armor as a fully functioning exoskeleton and not just memorabilia? And if so how much would you charge for this particular item?

    • dear troy I am disabled I had hope this suit could become like the Japanese HAL or this HULK working with people who are not able to walk long distance

      I have given you up I do not have the money to have a maid / caregiver to help me

  81. Troy Your are on the right track i am behind you 100%, you have to make the suit more linear, look into liquid armor technologies for integration. also the suit must wrap the entire body, you helmet can be made linear also to contour the body, also look at full body cooling, and exo-skeleton technology. all micro technology with at least 4 to 5 processors in the helmet including your watch, I have the military and law enforcement background and tactical advisory skill set. you need to hurry and get this done ASAP.

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