Fatblogging – Twitter has a use for me

I don’t have the kind of life that needs to use twitter. No need to let friends know where I am or what I am doing but I have found a use for twitter.

My pal Jason is asking everyone that wants to start fatblogging

Basically the goal is to share what’s working and support each other in being not-fat.

Format: One blog post a day with your weight as the title. You can also add to the post what you’re doing in terms food consumption, exercise, and what’s working for you–however, the base line for involvement is three numerical characters a day in the subject line of a post.

I really think that a daily weigh in is a bad idea. Jason is only 6 pounds from his goal weight but for big guys like me, that is a joke. So I am joining the fatblogging but without the daily weigh in and I am not going to post this to my blog. I will use twitter, and post activity and food intake as I do it. I did it today and it was fun. Dinner example

It is not about weight, its about feeling good. And knowing that I am posting the food and exercise really helps with accountability. But I don’t want to add that kind of thing to my daily blog. I don’t have 5 posts a day like the pros.


3 thoughts on “Fatblogging – Twitter has a use for me

  1. daily weigh-ins are actually a very bad idea, because all you see are minute gains and losses, which means less motivation because you’re not seeing improvement in actual pounds lost, only tenths of pounds.

    i used to weigh every single day until my personal trainer scolded me for doing so. now i just weigh myself every monday, and she’s totally right about the difference it makes in your mindset. if i had weighed myself every single day this past week, i would have only noticed that i was losing .2 pounds per day or something along those lines, and i likely would have been bummed about it. because i only weigh myself every day, though, i see that i’ve lost three pounds in the last week, and that’s motivating to me.

    i also use traineo to keep track of weight, diet and workout logs. it’s a fantastic tool, if you haven’t discovered it yet.

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