24 Season 1 disk 6

Well we just finished watching 24 season 1. We were not able to just use netflix on this, we also had to rent one disk at the video store and another from the local library to supplement netflix. Last night we watched all of disk 5 and to night we finished it off with disk 6.

I got a comment on my last post about 24 from Lloyd Budd, “I watched until hour 20 of the 3rd season then I decided Jack Bauer had suffered enough.”

Well we are giving up on Jack right now. They completely had us hooked and that is not good. Like a junkie we just had to watch the next episode so many times. The show is brilliant but we have other things to do. I cant afford another 24 hours of my life to a show that consumes my attention as that does. It is a magnificent adrenaline rush, but like I said, I just cant justify another season.


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