Anatomy of the Scoble Effect

So just because I have wondered what kind of effect a link from an “A list” blogger has, I am going to share what happened here.

In the 24 hours after Scoble linked to me on a Saturday afternoon, I received approximately 1020 more hits than my daily average. Here are the referral stats for that day, 251… 220 135 15 14 6 5 5… 4 3… 3

And here were the clicks out of my blog that day,… 41… 15 11 8… 8… 8… 7… 5… 5… 4… 4

I also made it into the top 100 blogs at number 83 for the day, and was the number 6 growing blog on, all from just one link from scoble on a Saturday.

It was fun but I don’t plan on ever being a blog superstar, I do it because I enjoy it and I like to be able to see how I have changed over the years. How I see things is shifting and I cant see that trend on a weekly basis but over the years it sure does show up.


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