Those things are bad for you

Tonight we ate dinner at Red Robin in Burlington. They have a new burger the Mo-Cheese-Mo Burger, with four cheeses. I would show you a picture and full description of it but its not on their website. Now that burger was really good but Red Robin has the Bottomless steak fries, all you can eat. Those things are bad for you. What is it about All you can eat that gets us to pig out and feel too full for 5 hours after a meal? I am going to guess it is gluttony. Part of it is also greed, got to get your moneys worth.

So I am writing this down as a way of remembering that even though I enjoy eating steak fries dipped in ranch dressing from Red Robin, I don’t feel good afterwards if I pigged out on them. Just something to remember.


2 thoughts on “Those things are bad for you

  1. I think our urge to stuff may be related to a near-pathalogical belief that more for the same number of dollars automatically equals “value”.

    We get told from very early on that we must get “more”, particularly “more for our money”. Soon we think of everything as a ratio of dollars:’doughnuts’.

    Yet if we buy more ‘doughnuts’ than we can eat/use/consume, and wind up throwing the extra out, it’s as wasteful as if we had just bought a smaller number, with the added disadvantage that no-one else may now have the spoiled ‘doughnuts’.

  2. Ummm. Comfort food. Hey Chris, just enjoy man. Now, if you had a long island iced tea with it, then I would come down on you…..

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