Gmail was down most of the day

So Gmail was out for me all day, but my friend said it worked great for him. Made me wonder about what a bussiness would do if it relied on Gmail for its email and other services. Was anyone else affected?


6 thoughts on “Gmail was down most of the day

  1. If you were a business, you’d probably want to consider the paid Gmail/Google Apps service that has a guaranteed uptime (at $50/user/year). I saw a number of people say Gmail was down but it worked for me all day. Guess you were just on the wrong server machine yesterday.

    ps. I was sitting in the front near you guys at NV for Anil’s keynote…hi!

  2. Agreed. There just wasn’t enough time during NV to digest everything, let alone talk to everyone you wanted to…reading the post blog postings helps to fill in the gaps. Also putting the faces/names to the blogs in the NV feed has been fun.

    Should make next year even more compelling!

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