The unknown missing comment

A huge part of the value of blogging can be in comments. I am not sure if those that just read blogs know this or not but it is wonderful for bloggers to have people leave comments on posts (as long as they are not rude). What you as a reader might not realize is that your comments have value, your opinion and voice lend to the conversation. Those that do not have a blog of their own can still participate by adding their thoughts to the mix.

Because there are so many places to read and grab at our attention these days your willingness to take time to comment are that much more valuable. Without comments, there is something lacking, another side of the story or a simple thought.

Which brings me to the point of this post. Any step that makes it harder for people to comment means that some people are not leaving comments. It might be that they are not sure what to do, or maybe they don’t feel like typing some stupid 5Ftxh3 list of letters and numbers to prove that they are not a spam bot. Or maybe they dont want to register for yet another service just to join your conversation. But if your comment sytem is creating barriers to a comment, then your blog is missing input from readers and fellow bloggers. Your blog is being shortchanged. You have no idea what you might have missed.

None of us like spam and it is unfortunate that Blogger /Google has such an uphill battle with it. Because of Askimet I get to allow anyone with n email address to leave a comment. Can you imagine if Google signed up with Automattic to provide spam blocking?

Take a step back and make sure that you are making it easy for others to comment. Thank you to all who do comment, it is a blessing.


2 thoughts on “The unknown missing comment

  1. Absolutely. If a blog is getting hit by a spambot storm, and mine has on a few occasions, you need a Turing test captcha to block them (hopefully, but my boss, an IT guy says there are ways around captchas).

    But most blogs can use comment moderation with delayed posting of approved comments. The microwave generation can learn a little patience and wait a few hours or a day to see their comment posted.

    Comments are free user generated content. Some of my best writing and thinking is on other people’s blogs. We must not impede this free, voluntary content that enhances our blogs.

    I approve all comments, except porn, filthy language, sexist, racist speech.

    I love to publish comments that are rude and hateful to me. It proves you do not censor, and it can cause lurking readers to feel sorry for you and come to your aid. Heh.

    Don’t censor negative comments, publish them and respond to them. Some of my best bloggy pals began by debating and attacking me. It’s a guy thing.

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