What GoDaddy coupon code do you use?

If you are someone that gets great for ideas for internet startups than you must purchase domains. I use GoDaddy  because they have a great system for managing domain and they also offer Domains By Proxy which is a wonderful privacy service. Before using GoDaddy I have lost a few domains due to forgetting to renew them in time and then someone snatching them to hold for ransom or something.

A few weeks ago I was letting a domain expire on purpose when I got a call on my cell phone. It was a GoDaddy rep checking in with me to see if I needed any help renewing that domain. That is service my friend. I told them that I was letting that one go but thanked them and also asked a few questions that I had been wondering about.

So anytime I make a purchase I use a coupon code but I hear so many on podcasts that the question is which one to use? Chris1 Scott1, Gang1, Jason1?

I always use blaugh. Why? It is the stickiest. It stays with me and I love that it is on every blaugh cartoon.

Where Do You Think You're Going, Mister!?

See it? I love the fact that the cartoon graphic can go anywhere and that ad is embedded in it. Great thinking and marketing.

So what GoDaddy code do you use and why?

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4 thoughts on “What GoDaddy coupon code do you use?

  1. That will be you to Aidan in just a few years you know! :)

    That is cool about Godaddy, good customer service, I wish their adds weren’t so sensual though!

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