Best part of Northern Voice 2007

Northern Voice was such a great conference but in a way it did not match my expectations. The only other conference somewhat similar that I have been to is Seattle Mind Camp. And this was not an conference, but it was fun. I think that what I missed out on the most was the Friday MooseCamp unconference. Had I been able to go to both days it would not have felt so rushed and I would have been able to have more conversations with people in real life. I am glad that all the sessions are  recorded and podcasted.

Next year I will hopefully go to the entire weekend and I will make a point of interupting people and striking up conversations with those that are sitting at a laptop reading feeds. I had a fun conversation with Robert Scoble that I recorded and will post next week. I got to meet Scott Beale from laughing squid and shake his hand. I recognized Will Pate but didn’t get to talk to him, he was always talking to someone and time just flew. I did sit and join a conversation with Chris Pirillo which was fun. Big names at conferences? They are folk just like us.

But I think that the best part of the conference has been the feed of all attendees, at . It is nice to consume and digest the conference after the fact. I would love for MindCamp to have the same thing. NV is after all a blogging conference and we get to know each other the best through our blogs and writing.


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