Another service that you may like

Isn’t it funny how there seems to be a company falling over themselves to help you do anything these days?

Imagine a service that wants to help you manage tasks just by thinking about them and then they appear on a website for you to arrange and edit. We are almost there but lets you call their toll free number and you just speak up to 15 seconds and they save it, transcribe it, email it (with the text at the subject line), and you can view and arrange new “jotts” on their site after logging in.

It is set up in true GTD fashion,  with new jotts going to the inbox, and you can sort them, set an alert to be sent by email or SMS, and process that inbox.

So if a to do pops into your head, just call jott, record the items one after another. Great for people on the road and away from a computer. No more notes that you lose.


One thought on “Another service that you may like

  1. Sounds like a doctor dictating his notes from an appointment with a patient and then sending it to someone to transcribe rather than having to write it down himself :) Nice, and it’s free :)

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