SxSW via twitter

For not seeing any pictures of the event so far, it sure is fun to get little tidbits of info from all the in crowd at SXSW. I have a few twitter friends there and they give little hints of what is happening, where they are, who they are meeting.
It is strange to see how twitter is taking off. I think it has to do with Scoble’s push to update, read all of his friends’ posts and his giving out key info via twitter before he blogs it, like that he and his wife are having a baby. Scoble is a leader of evangelists, he influences and speaks to those that influence and are ahead of the curve. There was a day that you had to leave a comment on his blog to tell him something, but now you have to just update your own twitter log and he is sure to read it. That boosts our ego. The guy wants to know what we think. Now if we could just get twitter to implement the snap preview so that we had a clue where those links were headed :)

Thanks to all my twitter friends, it sure is fun to time shift our chat sessions.


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