The road to reducing oil dependence and becoming carbon neutral

Today the John Edwards campaign announced plans to be “carbon neutral” in an effort of doing their part to reduce global warming. It looks like they are working with NativeEnergy and will be donating to help build clean electricity producing plants that then offset the need for standard “dirty” electric plants. An interesting idea to get the Carbon Neutral stamp on you organization.

I seem to think that what would really help would be to empower the makers and innovators of this world, all over the world. Those guys like Preston Tucker, who if they had their way, we would be driving something entirely new by now.


Jory Squibb built this micro-car that gets 85 mpg in the city and 105 mpg on an  economy run. Now who in the world would want to build and even be seen in something like this? I would. This is a one of a kind, and if some folk got together and built 100 of them I am sure they would go together easier and faster and cheaper.


Here is a car made out of wood, TRYANE II
Fuel Consumption : 55-70 mpg
TOP SPEED (approx): l00 mph


3 thoughts on “The road to reducing oil dependence and becoming carbon neutral

  1. A simple suggestion for reducing the oil consumption and thereby reducing the oil prices is to make every one take a vow not to drive one day a week. To make this easy, we can even make it “drive free Sunday”. If just 10% of our drivers don’t drive once a week, we could reduce our consumption by about 17.5 million barrels per week or almost 1000 million barrels per year. This definitely should reduce the price of oil if we continue this and extend it to saving in other ways. We could also go to four day ten hour work weeks, we could close the shops on Sundays to reduce driving to unnecessary shopping, etc. I have my full support for “drive free Sunday”

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