txt msg Spam to your cell phone

I have been getting txt msg spam to my cell phone and I know that I am not the only one. The site that is sending the spam is also sending comment spam to our various blogs.


I am not linking to that url, just posting it. What can be done about this?


10 thoughts on “txt msg Spam to your cell phone

  1. i just got tons of spam txt msgs from them too…tmobile charges me 15 cents per text messages. can you help me

  2. I just got one of these texts too. I called tmobile, mostly to find out what kind of policies and programs they have in place to deal with unsolicited commercial text messages — they seem to have none, except they did credit my account for 15 cents and gave me a credit for 60 free text messages, good for 90 days.

  3. Great, I got that text message too. Got one in the morning and another one at 11:33pm. Doing a RDNS, gives me a chinese corporation. And the website doesn’t have a phone number to give them a piece of my mind. I have T-Mobile and a block of 400 picture messages. I guess I don’t pay for receiving them, but it’s annoying. Perhaps someone can DDOS the website? :P
    Organisation Name…. xiaowen
    Organisation Address. No.12 chang’an road
    Organisation Address.
    Organisation Address. Beijing

    And I just copy/paste the info (organization).

  4. UPDATE: I called T-Mobile (my provider) and they said they are actually working in a way to block this specific text message in the server. I not really a fan of limitations but in this case, I applaud this decision.

  5. I got a few of these text messages too and a quick google search led me to this blog entry.

    I am so mad about these spam texts. Phone companies don’t do enough to protect consumers about it. It’s like the mailman coming to my door to deliver unwanted mail that I have to pay for but in this case I can’t give the mailer (spam sender) or mailman (phone company) a piece of my mind! There is a national do not call list and there should be a national do not text list as well. Or at least phone companies should charge the spammers triple the fee and make it free for the consumers.

    Either way it’s not fair to consumers and there needs to be stricter legislation about this in the United States like there is in New Zealand and it places.

    If anyone gets a hold of that number in China, post it here!

  6. I never used any e-mails on my cell, but I am receiving these spam messages. As soon as Cingular became AT&T it started to happen. And we have to pay for all this crap 15 cents too. I think that mobile phone companies are interested in all this spam, because they are getting us pay for this.

  7. I think the real solution, at least for the short term, is to do what Europe does: free incoming text messages.

    Then we can work on cutting the actual spam out. But in the meantime at least we aren’t paying to get it.

  8. Oh ya I HATE getting all the text message spam on my phone. Bad enough to get it in email. I wish something could be done about all those stupid texts.

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