Discussion about Sarah Palin as VP for McCain

My phone died today during the Newsgang call about 30 minutes into it, but I had realized that I was in a definite minority in my view of Sarah Palin as the VP pick for McCain.

Tonight Adam Marquart and I had a conversation on how we feel about the pick, and our reservations of Obama as President. MP3


4 thoughts on “Discussion about Sarah Palin as VP for McCain

  1. Just one point, for now. It’s regarding a comment Adam made but since the podcast is posted here, this is where I am commenting on this point.

    I didn’t hear Obama say the same thing Adam heard in Obama’s statement about Bin Laden in Pakistan. What I heard was something like, “McCain says he would follow Bin Laden to the Gates of Hell, but he won’t even follow him to the cave where he lives.”

    I have no idea what he really said. It’s just a little bit funny, though, how we can all listen to the same words and yet hear different things. Our ears and brain circuitry seem to somehow modulate the input in a way that either makes it palatable or annoying.

    What I wish I knew is what determines whether the modulation makes the message palatable or annoying. Such a mystery, it’s a good thing we’ve been given all of eternity to figure it out.

  2. I hope my post from Sunday didn’t cause any offense to anyone who may have read it. I can see where it could, and what I write now has the potential to intensify any offense taken.

    Nevertheless, I will proceed in taking the risk of putting my foot in my mouth.

    I have still not seen a transcript of Obama’s speech and I haven’t replayed it either. I don’t know what he said. I only know what I think he said. Nobody has time to review all this stuff twice.

    There are two months until Election Day. Although I don’t consciously think I’ve made up my mind, I suspect I’ve already chosen who I am not going to vote for. What it is that “modulates a message” doesn’t matter. It’s just an interest of mine from having working in neurochemical research early in my career.

    What does matter, I think, is that enough people hear enough information to make a decision in November that they don’t later regret, so that the Amercian people don’t regret the outcome. NGL offers surprisingly diverse views, even if it SEEMS sometimes like everyone there has already decided to vote for Obama.

    I hope you and Adam continue to participate, as I suspect you will. I’m glad I got over my shyness. It’s an honor to become acquainted with both of you as well as all the others who participate.

  3. Thanks for commenting web pixie. I will still participate in NGL, but anyone can use the tools out there to make content. Part of the magic of Newsgang Live is the diversity, and I have a tough enough skin that I don’t mind being the minority. I feel like I can be myself and thats ok.

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