Who is set to take the lead on Facebook polititions

Yesterday I was adding my support to a few politician on Facebook and noticed some interesting trends. We all know that Barack Obama is the hands down winner when it comes to Facebook fans and activity, which shouldn’t surprise us. But lets look at the rest of the top lineup of who is being supported,

Barack Obama has 2,201,818 supporters on Facebook

John McCain has 586,598 supporters

Sarah Palin has 435,441 supporters

Hillary Clinton has 166,864 supporters

Joe Biden 165,858 supporters

Michelle Obama has 132,871 supporters

Notice that the Republicans are really far behind, but that after this election, if McCain loses like it appears he will, the Governor of Alaska will have the most support on facebook ………………..(never finished this post)


The Common Sense Fix instead of the Bailout

Dave Ramsey is asking us to pass along this plan as an alternitive to the 700 billion bailout that is being proposed in Washington DC.

Years of bad decisions and stupid mistakes have created an economic nightmare in this country, but $700 billion in new debt is not the answer. As a tax-paying American citizen, I will not support any congressperson who votes to implement such a policy. Instead, I submit the following three steps:

Common Sense Plan.


A. Insure the subprime bonds/mortgages with an underlying FHA-type insurance. Government-insured and backed loans would have an instant market all over the world, creating immediate and needed liquidity.

B. In order for a company to accept the government-backed insurance, they must do two things:

   1. Rewrite any mortgage that is more than three months delinquent to a 6% fixed-rate mortgage.

      a. Roll all back payments with no late fees or legal costs into the balance. This brings homeowners current and allows them a chance to keep their homes.

      b. Cancel all prepayment penalties to encourage refinancing or the sale of the property to pay off the bad loan. In the event of foreclosure or short sale, the borrower will not be held liable for any deficit balance. FHA does this now, and that encourages mortgage companies to go the extra mile while working with the borrower—again limiting foreclosures and ruined lives.

   2. Cancel ALL golden parachutes of EXISTING and FUTURE CEOs and executive team members as long as the company holds these government-insured bonds/mortgages. This keeps underperforming executives from being paid when they don’t do their jobs.

C. This backstop will cost less than $50 billion—a small fraction of the current proposal.


A. Remove mark to market accounting rules for two years on only subprime Tier III bonds/mortgages. This keeps companies from being forced to artificially mark down bonds/mortgages below the value of the underlying mortgages and real estate.

B. This move creates patience in the market and has an immediate stabilizing effect on failing and ailing banks—and it costs the taxpayer nothing.


A. Remove the capital gains tax completely. Investors will flood the real estate and stock market in search of tax-free profits, creating tremendous—and immediate—liquidity in the markets. Again, this costs the taxpayer nothing.

B. This move will be seen as a lightning rod politically because many will say it is helping the rich. The truth is the rich will benefit, but it will be their money that stimulates the economy. This will enable all Americans to have more stable jobs and retirement investments that go up instead of down. This is not a time for envy, and it’s not a time for politics. It’s time for all of us, as Americans, to stand up, speak out, and fix this mess.

Why cant this kind of solution be passed? The basis for passing the bailout is the same as was used in passing the patriot act. It’s all about Fear.