The new normal

Up, I’m up. It’s early. I did my steps, boiled my water, turned off my alarms that didn’t go off because I woke up just before the appointed hour.

Started using this app called Wakie where a stranger can call you as an alarm that you set. I don’t feel in the mood to chat this early, but thinking about the conversation that I would have or have had with wife an kids and myself got me up. A decision made the night before, that has teeth.

What am I doing right now?

The plan is to go to bed at a reasonable time every night, get up at a unreasonable time each morning, work hard at the hourly job that pays the bills so that I can get home to spend time with my family and work on my dreams.

What are those dreams?

1. Learn to code.

2. Learn to play the guitar.

3. Start that website that I have wanted to build for the last 8 years. (It’s my startup idea that never had a business model, until now)

And kick my blog back into gear. The blog is not a dream, that’s the teeth to let me process my thoughts and get me off of facebook.



Fatblogging update: 259 Pounds

Dang, I finally got to weigh myself. First time since I have been doing this fatblogging thing. On a doctors scale I came in at 259 pounds (117 Kilo or 18.5 stone), that is with my shoes and clothing. I am feeling good about that. Riding the bike as weather, family schedule and logistics permit. Makes me feel like a kid. As in before I had a drivers license.

Those things are bad for you

Tonight we ate dinner at Red Robin in Burlington. They have a new burger the Mo-Cheese-Mo Burger, with four cheeses. I would show you a picture and full description of it but its not on their website. Now that burger was really good but Red Robin has the Bottomless steak fries, all you can eat. Those things are bad for you. What is it about All you can eat that gets us to pig out and feel too full for 5 hours after a meal? I am going to guess it is gluttony. Part of it is also greed, got to get your moneys worth.

So I am writing this down as a way of remembering that even though I enjoy eating steak fries dipped in ranch dressing from Red Robin, I don’t feel good afterwards if I pigged out on them. Just something to remember.

Fatblogging – Twitter has a use for me

I don’t have the kind of life that needs to use twitter. No need to let friends know where I am or what I am doing but I have found a use for twitter.

My pal Jason is asking everyone that wants to start fatblogging

Basically the goal is to share what’s working and support each other in being not-fat.

Format: One blog post a day with your weight as the title. You can also add to the post what you’re doing in terms food consumption, exercise, and what’s working for you–however, the base line for involvement is three numerical characters a day in the subject line of a post.

I really think that a daily weigh in is a bad idea. Jason is only 6 pounds from his goal weight but for big guys like me, that is a joke. So I am joining the fatblogging but without the daily weigh in and I am not going to post this to my blog. I will use twitter, and post activity and food intake as I do it. I did it today and it was fun. Dinner example

It is not about weight, its about feeling good. And knowing that I am posting the food and exercise really helps with accountability. But I don’t want to add that kind of thing to my daily blog. I don’t have 5 posts a day like the pros.