Chat about the twhirl app and twitter for the enterprise

Today I woke up to the news that Twhirl had been acquired by seesmic. Fellow Newsgang live regular Dennis Howlett wrote a great post about it. Via twitter I pinged Dennis and he agreed to do a call about it. It turned into a really fun conversation about twhirl, single person development, twitter for the enterprise and small business using web 2.0 tools to save money and stay agile.

Conversation with Dennis Howlet about twhirl MP3


Blogging about Love – Mindcamp MP3

On sunday morning at Mindcamp 2.0, just after breakfast, Ponzi and Dave Winer hosted a discussion called "Bloging about Love". Dave was late but made it in the end. It was a small room and there whereonly eight of us to start with people standing in the dorway from time to time to join the conversation.

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