Updated my header graphic

I changed my header graphic to a picture from Mindcamp.

I also got a picture of me with my Podfather, Dave Winer. Thanks Dave.


Mindcamp 2.0 was so great!

Mindcamp was more than I expected. A fantastic experience. I am still prosessing it but I wanted to say publicly that I did capture some good audio of some of the sessions. I will be posting them one at a time later this week. Here is a rundown of sessions that I did get.

BillMonk: Community Lending & Seattle Startup Founders (Gaurav Oberoi & Chuck Groom)

Getting Things Done: Discussion Demo – (Mike Wilkerson)

The Paperless Home – (H.B. Siegel)

Attention, MyData – (Alex Barnett)

Blogging about Love (Ponzi Indharasophang, Dave Winer)

What did I Miss? Hallway conversation (Christian Burns)

OPML and RSS (Dave Winer)
If you want to get them you can subscribe to the podcast RSS feed or just check back later.

Can’t Wait!

Tommorrow is going to be a fun day for Jenni and I. We are driving to Seattle to be part of Mindcamp 2.0!

Seattle Mind Camp is a self-organizing, digitally minded, entrepreneur-driven, overnight Seattle confab.

I have wanted to be part of this event since I heard about the first one last November. We will be meeting lots of people and sharing ideas, learning about technology and dreaming about what is possible with a bunch of nerds. Now can you see why I want to go so badly? My parents are watching the boys and we are taking Guenna with us.

Basicly this is the first event that we will be attending that lots of other people will be live blogging and posting pictures to flickr throughout the event. Photos will be tagged with mindcamp2.0 and you can see them as the are posted. Since we dont have a laptop we will wait to upload them after we get home. I will also try to get as much audio recorded as possible. I have a list of people I want to meet, we will see how it goes.

Gnomedex 06 sneek peek

Wow, it was great to listen to this extensive interview with Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban discusses his involvement in the founding of HDNet, an all high definition television network. Also, his involvement in sports, movie making, and philanthropy.


I wont be at Gnomedex this year but I will be following all that I can.

(edit – not sure where I got the idea that Mark Cuban was speaking at Gnomedex but I spoke with Chris Pirillo at Mindcamp2.0 and he was sure that Mark was not going to be a speaker. Not that it would be a bad thing, it just was not the case

Testing out the Odeo call it in feature

Today I tested out the Odeo call in feature, I tried doing a conference call with my wife, and it sounds pretty good. No where near the quality of a Skype recording but Anyone could do this, without a computer. It sound as good as the first talkcrunch episode without the intro and music.

Click to listen

– Update

This feature no longer works. I was told that it was a known bug. Looking forward to it working again. It would be a shame for someone to record a 45 minute conference call only to have it disappear into nothing :(