Where did I go?

I have not posted to my blog for 11 days! It’s OK for me to slip on this one part of my new years resolutions. I have been very busy, we could have a new baby anytime. Work and life are so busy right now. And Twitter might have played a small role in my not feeling like posting to the main blog. Its all good. For some reason I cant blog early in the morning and night time is for family and wife.

So life goes on without blogging it :)


Fastest podcast production from multiple phones

My friend Maury asked about Free Conference Call.

It is really simple, its free and it just works. Sign up and they give you an account for 120 days, then you have to just get another account. They tell you what your call in number is and what your access code and pin is.

In a call you just push 9 and your pin code to record. At the end of the call press 9 to stop recording and end your call. Then they will email you a link of the call detail and file in WAV format.

I then run the file through The Levelator and cut the first 5 seconds off the beginning and end with Audacity.

Take the edited wav and convert to mp3 with CDex to get 44khz and 64kbps.

I like to listen to people talking about stuff and the fact that everyone being recorded is on a phone evens out the sound quality. So you don’t have a professional studio and a  someone else on a call. This way everyone is equally low quality :) The result doesnt sound that bad. Here is the podcast with Eric Rice done this way

I would like to this again with others, just not sure when.

The road to reducing oil dependence and becoming carbon neutral

Today the John Edwards campaign announced plans to be “carbon neutral” in an effort of doing their part to reduce global warming. It looks like they are working with NativeEnergy and will be donating to help build clean electricity producing plants that then offset the need for standard “dirty” electric plants. An interesting idea to get the Carbon Neutral stamp on you organization.

I seem to think that what would really help would be to empower the makers and innovators of this world, all over the world. Those guys like Preston Tucker, who if they had their way, we would be driving something entirely new by now.


Jory Squibb built this micro-car that gets 85 mpg in the city and 105 mpg on an  economy run. Now who in the world would want to build and even be seen in something like this? I would. This is a one of a kind, and if some folk got together and built 100 of them I am sure they would go together easier and faster and cheaper.


Here is a car made out of wood, TRYANE II
Fuel Consumption : 55-70 mpg
TOP SPEED (approx): l00 mph

Twitter Mashup Idea – please steal

Sorry to be posting about twitter so soon but I am working my brain around scaling issues and possibilities. Its the week of twitter and some issues have popped up.

In looking to see if anyone has tried my idea I went over to the twitter fan wiki and found a Google Maps / Twitter mashup, but it seems to only take the location in your profile, I am only seeing 3 people in Washington State.

What I want is the ability to send a txt and set your location that way. Also it would be fun to follow a geographic region,like a 10 mile radius around your zip code. Or follow everyone that is at an event, even if you are not there (SXSW). Or ignore a geo region (Leave SXSW).

This feature will come to pass. the question is where and who. Groups are coming to twitter according to Ev via Scoble.